Review ICO  BitRewards – loyalty system for electronic purchases

There is a huge number of online trading platforms, various shops. Every year they spend a lot of money building a system of bonuses and various loyalty programs with their customers, but not always these funds are spent correctly.Statistics show buyers are often dissatisfied with the result, they regularly experience difficulties in obtaining and using bonus points. Although it would seem that every year companies spend about $ 25 billion for this purpose, but it turned out not so difficult to get bonuses as then use them.

The solution to the problem on the platform BitRewards

BitRewards offers its free application for use in its loyalty program to customers, and those in turn will be able to receive a bonus from the seller in the form of tokens BIT. Which at its discretion can be exchanged for goods, save up or immediately sell on the stock exchange and earn real money, the choice of the buyer. The integration of the platform itself is not difficult, it can be integrated into any online store and it will certainly help them to raise sales.

Platform BitRewards will be able to use any online store, and completely free. Moreover the system will help Internet shopping gathering and analyzing different statistics – BitRecommendations. It will be the first decentralized system designed to analyse the buyer’s actions.

Feature of system

Possibility of recommendations on goods taking into account preferences of the buyer

BitRecommendations system can improve itself thanks to the accumulated data

The system can independently assess the solvency of the buyer and decide on its lending

The system can independently assess the solvency of the buyer and decide on its lending

All data is stored on the blockchain

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale : From April 9 to May 10

Symbol BIT

Token type : ERC20

The price per token: 0.00003472 ETH

Total tokens : 2,000,000,000

Tokens for sale: 1,280,000,000

Identification: Required

Min/Max quantity for purchase is :1000 BIT min.

Project resources

Website –

WhitePaper –


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