Akaiito project overview – a platform that allows you to make purchases and pay for services with cryptocurrency.

Akaiito is a blockchain platform that combines a variety of platforms designed to make it easier for people to pay for various goods and services using cryptocurrency ,even for those who have not previously used cryptocurrencies. Now do it and much more will be easy and convenient .Whether you rent a car ,buy furniture or ordering a pizza together ,from hiring a gardener to pay for the services of a lawyer with Akaiito it’s easy.

Market problem

At the beginning of 2017, the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market was $ 18 billion,but the next year the cryptocurrency market grew by an incredible 2000%, which indicates an incredible interest in the crypto industry both from investors and individuals who also did not want to pass this. Of course ,2017 was a year of incredible growth for bitcoin and altcoins, but the community was not ready for such rapid growth ,because cryptocurrencies were invented to make life easier for a person and deprive him of a lot of problems to which he had already got used during the use of fiat money. Mankind has been using fiat money for over 1000 years ,but the world is changing and their time has passed and it’s time to give way to cryptocurrencies .But as it turned out ,only 5% of the holders of cryptocurrencies use them for direct purposes ,namely, payment for goods and services, buying food and clothing, renting an apartment and buying a plane ticket. We have moved to a new level of life but for some reason we do not use the benefits that are given to us, the cryptocurrency is worthy of
to make the life of its owners the best problem of the market is obvious and it is Akaiito who is called to help us.

Problem solution

Each user will be able to have their own account where the seller will be able to trade goods whose value does not exceed 10 AIC, but also more expensive goods he will be able to trade, although this will require a positive rating revoking ,which left them making it clear to the rest that you can trust. Thus, along with your positive rating increases and the limit of the maximum value of the goods that you can sell.

All payments will be made only in the AIC. But the user, for their convenience, to see the equivalent in any currency convenient for him. The task of Akaiito is to make every user feel secure and confident in high quality. Strict rules are designed to direct the development of the platform in the right direction, attacks to achieve mutual respect from the users of the platform. 

Advantages of Akaiito

1)Single platform for convenient use of cryptocurrency

2)Since each buyer and seller can influence each other leaving him a review after the transaction

3) Small Commission which is only 3%, and 1% can be returned back in the form of cashback

4) AKAI ITO can be used not only on a desktop computer but also on a smartphone

Also, for the convenience of users can be viewed directly on the screen of your smartphone places-cafes and restaurants that take cryptocurrency for payment, depending on the category of interest to you on the map places will be marked with location icons.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens.

Token sale :From 13 March to 15 April
Token type : ERC 20
The price per token: 1 ETH = 1000 AIC
Total tokens: 30,000,000
Tokens for sale: 122,500,000
Identification: Required
Min / Max quantity for purchase:0.01 ETH / unlimited

The proceeds will be distributed as follows :

1)Development of project 65%

2)Operating costs 20%

3) Promotion, advertising project 10%

4)Legal costs of 2.5%

5)Associated costs 2.5%

Official resources of the project

Official site – https://akaiito.io

AKAIITO Ann thread-https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2804929.0

Telegram –https://t.me/akaiito_community