Akropolis project overview – decentralized pension infrastructure.

The Akropolis project team creates the world’s largest alternative pension infrastructure in the world. The aim of the project is to create a transparent pension infrastructure using innovative technologies, such as blockchain and smart contracts, which will allow to create a single pension system that will meet the high requirements.

Problems of the existing pension system

The current pension systems do not always work well and become less effective over the years. Many people around the world who have already reached retirement age do not receive a pension or receive a small pension.The Akropolis project team took up the creation of a platform that would eliminate these injustices and allow people who have reached retirement age to receive a decent pension. The existing pension funds cannot cope with this, they cannot provide a good pension for pensioners.Existing pension funds have many shortcomings that do not allow them to work effectively , and their activities are often not transparent enough. Today, there are state and non-state pension funds. Both state and non-state pension funds do not have an effective system of payments that would be able to meet the interests of people of retirement age, and which would be able to create an infrastructure that could fully provide pensioners with good pension payments.

Akropolis  platform 

In recent years, the widespread use of blockchain in various fields of human activity, the blockchain has proven itself and has given a lot of advantages to projects that were developed on the blockchain and work with smart contracts. The use of blockchain can significantly increase efficiency and provide benefits such as transparency and high speed of operations. Akropolis platform will also be created on the blockchain, it will create a secure decentralized pension infrastructure. A significant number of problems that exist in existing pension funds will be eliminated with the blockchain.

The project team is committed to creating a fully transparent platform that will serve the interests of people receiving a pension. A large number of different services will be presented on the platform, as well as its own Akropolis token will be introduced, which will operate within the platform and ensure high speed of operations, as well as their safety and transparency. It is planned that the platform will provide itself with a safe financial cushion with the help of promising cryptocurrencies that will be promising tools for trading for the future. It is also important that the audit of the pension Fund will be much easier with the help of the blockchain, which will be opened thanks to the records in the blockchain, which will make it even more attractive due to openness and transparency.

The Akropolis platform will offer its users a lot of benefits not previously available to them in the classic pension funds and will provide them with decent pension payments. Due to the fact that the ecosystem will be decentralized, all participants of the platform will be protected from fraud and from the fact that they will not receive pension payments on time or in insufficient size, since all records will be recorded in the blockchain and each participant of the platform who has contributed part of their income will receive payments after reaching retirement age. Moreover, all participants of the platform will be able to independently monitor changes in their personal pension Fund. It is also important that the Akropolis platform will be developed and will operate in compliance with the rules and laws in different countries and will be accountable for its activities to the regulators established in these countries. A team of high-level specialists is working on the creation of the platform, which will create a successful and popular product for people thinking about their future pension.

Akropolis project team

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Symbol: AKT

Type of tokens : ERC20

Price per token: 1 AKT = 0.0690 USD

Total tokens: 900,000,000  AKT

Tokens for sale: 360 ,000,000 AKT

Identification: required 

Project resources

Web – https://akropolis.io

Whitepaper – https://view.attach.io/HJQ3yvpcM

Medium – https://medium.com/akropolis

Telegram – https://t.me/akropolis_official

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