Project overview Alfa-Enzo is a fifth generation social platform.

The Alfa-Enzo project team aims to create a completely convenient use of blockchain for transactions and business development. The project will be able to solve a lot of problems that exist today and create a truly effective infrastructure that will contribute to the development of both blockchain and business processes.

 Platform  Alfa-Enzo

To date, the use of blockchain has become widespread but still insufficient due to the fact that constantly faced with a lot of problems that prevent integration into various spheres of human life. Cryptocurrencies are not widely used as a means of payment today so have some problems and not all organizations are willing to switch to cryptocurrencies. An ordinary consumer of goods and services is not interested in using cryptocurrencies until shopping centers and shops accept them for payment. To date, cryptocurrencies are often used for other purposes, as a means of payment and as a means of investment and speculation that makes them less attractive for direct use for its intended purpose. These problems need to be solved and the Alfa-Enzo project team has this solution.

The team of the Alfa-Enzo project is ready to create a cryptocurrency that will be attractive for mass use and will be widely distributed, and which will have a large number of advantages over other cryptocurrencies and Fiat money. Alfa-Enzo will be completely intuitive and transparent, ease of use will attract the attention of users who are interested in the EON blockchain that will allow users to control their data. Technological solutions from Alfa-Enzo will provide protection for P2P transactions and communications on the platform. It is also important that a team of professionals with extensive experience, who have an idea of what product will be useful and in demand in the masses, is working on the creation of the platform.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale: from September 9 to October 17

Price per token: 1 NZO = 0.01 USD

Symbol : NZO

Type of tokens : ERC20

Tokens for sale: 12,600,000,000 NZO

Identification: required 

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