Atlas Platform

Atlas Platform project overview – platform for blockchain development.

AtlasPlatform will be a universal simple and reliable platform for blockchain development that will give people access to decentralized tools provided by the platform. Thanks to the blockchain on which the platform will work, developers who will use the AtlasPlatform platform will be able to write smart contracts.


In recent years , the market of cryptocurrencies and blockchain is rapidly developing, people around the world are showing more and more interest in the blockchain and the opportunities it gives. Atlas Platform will become a service that will give great opportunities for people around the world, allowing them to use smart contracts and a set of tools that the platform will provide. The main feature of the platform will be that it will be able to use not only people with programming skills, but also ordinary users. This will be possible thanks to the intuitive interface and ease of operation on the platform. It is also expected that the platform will be used by people from developing countries, it will be a good help to them in development. Thanks to AtlasPlatform it will be possible to encrypt e-mail. More than half of the world’s population has access to e-mail, with AtlasPlatform you can send and receive transactions from e-mail.

Thus, AtlasPlatform users will be able to carry out transactions easily and reliably. You can not only make transactions but also check your balance and transaction history. Also on the platform will be presented such a tool as Decentral-it will be a decentralized service that thanks to the work on the masternodes will allow you to carry out operations with the exchange. For the implementation of the platform, it will be implemented its own ATPL tokens that will work within the system and through which various operations will be carried out, including payment of transaction fees. Also, with the help of ATPL tokens, the transactions of the platform participants will be carried out among themselves. Atlas is officially a PoF-of-Stake PoS token.The Atlas consensus model is not a mining that requires a lot of resources, but a PoS that allows users to bet on some of the available funds aimed at block solution and placing a bet.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Selling tokens : from 12 May to 15 June


Type of tokens : ERC20

Total tokens: 100000000 ATPL

Identification: required 

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