ICO BABB – Bank Account Based Blockchain

BABB is decentralized banking platform that leverages blockchain, AI, and biometric technologies to offer anyone in the world access to UK bank account for P2P financial services.

BAX is an Utility token that powers the BABB platform. All services, fees and licensing costs on the BABB Platform are paid with BAX, and our Mobile app makes it easy to acquire BAX at any time without taking additional steps or affecting the user experience.

You Are Your Own Bank

ICO BABB - Bank Account Based Blockchain

Empowering the biometrics, the blockchain and AI, BABB, the global, decentralized banking platform, is based on a revolutionary business management method which implies the removal of the bank as a physical institution from the principle of leading the economy. By enabling anyone in the world to create a UK account, the BABB platform encourages and empowers the global connectivity and erases the division lines between the people worldwide.

The invention of BABB is principally based on the BABB app, downloadable by any user of the smartphone and internet. The principle of account creation is simple: all you need to do is take a selfie image and record an audio password phrase which you will later use when logging into your personal account. The money transfer is also extremely easy, as you could send the money to any other BABB user anywhere in the world. The money exchange is also doable through the BABB app, which explains the BABB slogan that everyone is a bank.

The Handy Black Card

Acting as a medium between the worlds of physical and digital, the Black Card, a decentralized payment card, is connected directly to any BABB account. After downloading the BABB app and scanning the QR code, the payment could be instantly accepted and transferred to the bank account of the retailer.

The Black Card is usable in shops, P2P and online. It is global, instant and easily accessible. In case of having the Black Card lost, you can easily use your smartphone to disconnect it from your bank account. It is also easily reconnected in case the owner finds it again.

The Secure and Trustworthy Service Provider
The structure of BABB is ensured as secure and regulated by the central banks. The cooperation between BABB and the central banks will enable the users to make transactions both on the central bank’s local system and on the BABB’s platform as well. As trustworthy as it is, the BABB platform provides its users with the Social KYC process which enables the verified members of the platform to bring the other users they vouch for to the platform.

The Social KYC facility is expected to effortlessly spread the user base without any additional documentation required. It is also the main tool for the realization of the idea of promotion of the social, economic and financial integration.

Who Is It For?

BABB platform’s great impact on the micro-economy will have a great effect on the various individuals and businesses all over the world. Not only that it is suitable for the central banks and the developers, but it is also highly convenient for the end-users and the token sale participants who can buy and keep the BAX tokens on the BABB platform, as well as benefit from it. Generally, the targeted users of the BABB services have no exceptions, as it is created to be universally adaptive, life-altering and almost unconditional.


  • December 2017 pre-sale
  • January 2018 Token sale
  • June 2018 Blackcard prototype and BABB App MVP
  • September 2018 pilot scheme in MENA region
  • September 2018 beta APP launch

Token distribution:

  • 60% Public Sale
  • 18% Foundation
  • 20% Team
  • 2% Bounty Campaign

Use of Funds:

  • 30% Development
  • 20% Operations
  • 20% Marketing
  • 10% Legal
  • 10% Reserve
  • 10% Working Capital