Project overview BETEX – peer-to-peer platforms for binary options.

BETEX team creates a platform that will be significantly different. BETEX guarantees the integrity and openness of its activities, all participants of the platform will be protected from fraud. A large field will be created for the sale of assets and, accordingly, a very high profit. Also low transaction fees.


Problems of the binary options market

BETEX team took up the creation of a completely new product, as the existing sites are far from perfect and their participants do not get the facilities and benefits that could create for them BETEX. At the moment, the problems with transparency of transactions, as cash transactions occur with backend broker no one can trace the transparency. There are also big problems with withdrawal, people have to wait long before they get their money, sometimes it takes up to a few weeks. In addition to these, there are many other difficulties that have to be faced daily. The BETEX team wants to create a transparent business model. The model will be new and innovative, at the moment there is nothing like that. The changes that BETEX wants to make to the market will certainly appeal to everyone, and the platform will be used as the most reliable and honest of all presented.

BETEX platform

The platform will be implemented using Ethereum smart contracts, which will ensure transparency of all operations on the platform, exclude the possibility of any fraud and ensure high speed. Feature BETEX will be that all traders on the platform will bet against each other and not any intermediaries, which is a novelty and a great advantage the absence of intermediaries. This will also ensure that users are honest and objective. Thanks to blockchain, access to all data will be in real time, which in turn will also become an additional factor of transparency.

The platform will be very easy to use and people from different financial sectors, both traditional and holders of cryptocurrencies can easily use it. It turns out that potential customers will be millions of different people who work or are interested in Finance and trading on exchanges. Before that, all brokers of existing binary options will pay attention to BETEX, which will give them the opportunities and favorable conditions that they have never had before.

One common pool will be formed for each asset, this is done in order to make users ‘ profits maximum. The platform itself will take a very low Commission which will be only 5%. And half of this Commission will be delivered to BETEX token holders, depending on the number of tokens they possess. The income of investors will consist of half of the Commission that they will distribute among themselves and increase the price of the token itself, which will grow in price with a good growth of THE betex platform itself. Which in turn is a very good team of experts who gathered for the implementation of the platform BETEX. The team gathered from experienced and young and ambitious people who should ensure the success of the project.

Advantages BETEX

At any time, the platform member can make a withdrawal without restrictions

The funds cannot be blocked and are always available to their owner

The trader gets 95%, none of the existing platforms has so much to offer

Profit for holders of tokens BETEX

Traders play against each other , there are no intermediaries between them

Ability to check the transparency of all actions

Convenient mobile application that will provide additional convenience for work

Use of smart contracts and blockchain as a guarantee of honesty and transparency

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale : from March 1 to April 15

Symbol :BETEX

Token type : ERC20

The price per token: 1 BETEX = 3 USD

Tokens for sale: 3,000,000 BETEX

Minimum investment : 0,5 ETH

Identification: Required

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