ICO project BitGuild – decentralized gaming Platform that is built on the blockchain.


The goal of BitGuild is to solve several different problems for players and companies that prevent the current video game industry from developing and scaling.Creating favorable conditions will help the gaming industry to realize its truly huge potential. The BitGuild  team will work using their experience and will change the gaming industry for the better.

BitGuild Mission

BitGuild sets itself the task of solving the main problems of the gaming industry, the gaming industry is truly huge, thanks to BitGuild will reveal the full potential of the gaming segment which has the potential of 100 billion dollars a year.A blockchain platform will be created, thanks to which it will be possible to completely revise the relationship between players and developers .

Features that will open thanks to BitGuild:

1)Safe trading of in-game items

2) Fair game will be available to everyone

3)In game microtransactions

4)Reliable gaming economic system

5)Zero fraud

BitGuild team has extensive experience in the gaming industry, people who are themselves part of the industry and like no other well aware of what actions and solutions the industry needs to realize its huge potential.

BitGuild created ERC20 token called Platinum (PLAT).

This token will be widely used for trading within the system, for in-game transactions and all sorts of calculations within BitGuild, as will be traded on exchanges of course.

Business model.

As the CryptoKitties example shows, at the end of 2017, games have a real chance to become the first non-financial sector in which blockchain will be used successfully and everywhere .BitGuild can revolutionize the gaming industry, and become the largest blockchain gaming community, for this there are all the necessary prerequisites. Business models have undergone many changes since the 90s of the 20th century, when they began to spread various games that certainly seem primitive, throwing them a look today. Players had to look for and buy floppy disks with games usually at high prices ,and not always was a good range of fall. With the massive spread of the Internet industry has undergone a second revolution , the Internet which allowed to compete with each other players who could be in different parts of the world. Also began to appear the possibility of buying games without physical media as it was decades before players started to buy games through the Internet. In the future, the whole industry began to separate the game which began to be called “competitive”at the same time, and there were the first professional gamers, people who earned a living video games. Competitive play began to resemble the sport, strong players unite into teams and conduct regular exercises as their colleagues of the classic sport.Today, most competitive games are free, game developers have come up with another way to monetize, namely the sale of game items. It is under the latest model and adapted BitGuild, which is created both for companies and for the convenience of players.

Solving the problems of developers often makes life easier for ordinary players .Today, the release of games are usually centralized in certain markets ,and often there are various difficulties for developers such as :the need to comply with local laws, in some countries the requirement to accept payment from players only to local banks.

Integration of multiple payment systems, requirements for receiving payments in national currency are required. These and many other obstacles create great costs for developers, which then affects the end user of the product.

And here must come to the aid BitGuild which solves these and many other problems. Of course, players will be happy to make transactions for the purchase and sale of in-game items, no longer any intermediaries and commissions, as not unimportant and zero the possibility of fraud.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens.

 Продажа токенов : 16 MAR – 5 APR

 Name: PLAT

Token type : ERC20

 Тokens for sale: 10,000,000,000

Identification: Required

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