Project overview Blockshipping – shipping containers on the blockchain.

Blockshipping GSCP will be the first platform in which it will be possible to participate in the Maritime industry in real time through the use of blockchain. The platform will combine more than 27 million sea containers. Thus creating a convenient platform for all participants of the container industry and creating convenient conditions for their work and development.

Container shipping by sea.

Sea transportation is the largest of all types of cargo delivery in the world trade, the bulk of such goods as grain, oil, various goods such as furniture and clothing are transported by sea containers. There are a number of reasons including the low cost of Maritime transport. More than half of all goods traded in the world are delivered by sea , of course it is a very large industry that exists since man invented ships and began sea communication between countries and continents. The industry is constantly developing and at the moment, thanks to the use of blockchain, you can get a new step in development, and get such advantages as: lowering the cost of sea container transportation, reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere, improving the overall efficiency of business and other significant advantages that the GSCP platform can give thanks to the use of modern technologies such.

Blockshipping GSCP  platform

To implement the project, the team of developers of the GSCP platform (Global Shared Container Platform) enlisted the support of the Danish marine Fund which appreciated the advantages and opportunities that will be opened together with the implementation of the GSCP project. Team Blockshipping aims to create the world’s first blockchain-the registry,which will monitor all containers in real-time. It is expected that all sea containers will be combined on one platform through the use of blockchain and IoT technology. Due to the introduction of its own payment system, mutual settlements between the platform participants will be much easier. Also solved the problem in which carriers have to transport empty containers, or half-empty that is not financially profitable. Companies will now be able to share the container. This will help to save huge amounts of money by improving the efficiency of the transport industry, as well as in addition to contribute to the reduction of harmful CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Project team and ICO details

ICO of Blockshipping project will last from may 14 and will end on June 14. During the ICO, it is expected to collect about 25 million dollars. At the same time, 70% of all tokens sold during the ICO will be available for purchase on the public sale. After the ICO, 45% of the collected funds will be sent to the marketing Fund, 25% will go to the development of the platform itself, 20% will be spent on the purchase of software. It is worth noting that a team of very experienced professionals with extensive experience in Maritime transport works on the creation of the project and thanks to which you can be sure of the success of the Blockshipping GSCP project.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale: May 14 – June 14

Symbol: CCC

Type of tokens : ERC20

Price per token : 1 CCC = 0.62 USD

Tokens for sale: 40,000,000 CCC

Identification: required 

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