CopyTrack CPY ICO: Global Content Copyright Registration.

CopyTrack CPY ICODigital content management faces two types of challenges – those faced by users and those faced by rights-holders. Users often misunderstand the usage of digital images online and the corresponding licensing options. On the other hand, rights-holders have few or no methods to prove ownership of original content and derivative work.

Also, they often have inadequate tools to track the usage of their copyrighted images and identify violations. Both users and rights-holders are faced with the challenge of reducing the cost of payments, and these costs are invariably added to price of use-rights. In addition, both groups struggle with facilitating seamless and timely settlement of payments.

What is CopyTrack CPY?

The Berlin-based company has offices in New York and Tokyo and is already one of the leading platforms that offer a number of services for image search and copyright enforcement all over the world. Digital content management has to deal with two types of challenges – on the one hand, those faced by users and those faced by copyright-holders.

Copyright is often misunderstood, especially with the usage of digital images that can be found online and which licensing option correspond with them. For holders of copyrights, there are not a lot of options out there to prove ownership of original content and derivative work.

The core of the Copytrack platform is a “Global Decentralized Copyright Register” for digital content which validates users and links digital intellectual property. This register can grow into a unique ecosystem for right-holders and can provide a revolutionary, powerful marketplace.

CopyTrack CPY uses an exclusive image tracking engine that searches their customers’ images online. Users of Copytrack can then sort through the results and report any copyright abuses immediately so the company’s legal team can initiate an enforcement process.

The tool that Copytrack provides makes it possible to comfortably navigate the process of image search for rights-holders without any risk or hassle.

The service is mostly free of charge and the platform takes success-related commissions in case of legal interference. Through their global reach, Copytrack is able to tackle image theft in more than 140 countries and is able to take cases to court if necessary. Commissions for this are success-based and between 30% – 50%.

Copytrack Services in Detail:

  • Post-licensing in over 140 countries
  • Legal advice by qualified lawyers
  • “One-click” case management
  • Personal customer service

Benefits for Rights-holders Are:

  • Free use of platform
  • Zero risks of legal enforcement
  • Focus: “post”-licensing
  • Fair approach for both parties

The process of using Copytrack can be broken down into three simple steps. First, a right holder can upload an image directly via an API, can create collections and select categories. The so-called “crawler” (“a program that systematically browses the internet in order to create an index of data”) starts automatically and runs constantly.

If the user gets a result (meaning the system finds one of their images being used by a third party), they are able to select and mark them as being used illegally. If the right-holder now wants to take action, they can submit the case to Copytrack and the post-licensing process can start.

This so-called “automated enforcement” can be done in multiple ways:

  1. Post-Licensing. Potentially violating party automatically receives a letter explaining that Copytrack found the use of a client’s image, requesting that they provide a license proof.
  2. Commercial Collection. The violating party will receive an invoice. If this is not working, the case proceeds to Step 3 and is handed to the legal department.
  3. Legal Letter. The legal department distributes the cases to the legal partners in each country, who will write a legal letter to the violating party. If there is no reaction or the opponent refuses, the case is taken to Step 4.
  4. Legal Enforcement. A lawyer creates a claim in court and will enforce the rights.

CopyTrack CPY ICO Token Details

All of what Copytrack currently offers is planned to be expanded to include the registered images to sit on a blockchain. The goal is to implement the first use-case for the decentralized ledger: “The Global Copyright Register for Images” as well as a transparent Image Marketplace.

The token sale is ending February 9th, 2018 at 23:59 UTC. 60% of all tokens will be available for public sale. 20% is reserved for business development, the final 20% for founders and advisors. The Copytrack token (CPY) is based on the ERC20 protocol.

Token Details

  • Tokeprice: 740 CPY = 1 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 60m CPY
  • Minimum Investment: 0.1 ETH
  • Maximum Investment: 2 500 ETH
  • Released tokens: 100.000.000 before Token Swap, 130.000.00 after token swap

After the token sale, remaining tokens will be burned.

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