Databroker DAO

Project overview Databroker DAO –  platform for buying and selling IoT data.

The first decentralized market is being created where sellers and buyers of data from IoT sensors can meet. Thus, IoT data will be available to those who are interested in them and the owners of the sensors will be able to earn income. The platform will operate on the blockchain and will be completely decentralized and will become the first platform for trading IoT data.

Data Broker Dao platform

Thanks to the platform DataBroker DAO unite the owners of Ios-sensors, gateway operators, processors and buyers of the data. The main advantage is the absence of intermediaries, it will provide an effective solution for all participants of the platform. Owners of Ios sensors will be able to profit from the data they generate, gateway operators will open gateways, thanks to which owners of data from IoT sensors will be able to sell them through a decentralized platform. The buyer of the data will be able to buy them for further processing and use in their activities or for subsequent resale.

This work of the platform will be possible thanks to the use of blockchain which gives a huge number of advantages. Thanks to the blockchain, the platform’s activities will be carried out without the participation of intermediaries. Intermediaries not only increase the cost of data for the final buyer, but also create many problems for platform participants, among which there is a decrease in security for all participants and complication of business processes. Thus, the number of investments in digital business will increase, which will occur as a result of increasing conditions and increasing profits. This coin is actively growing investment in loT-sensors, it is done by both companies and individuals. There are many facts confirming that the number of investors will increase every year. This will ensure rapid growth and development of the entire industry.

Buyers of the data from IoT sensors

There is a huge number of companies interested in buying IoT sensor data, these data will improve the efficiency of their activities. Already today there is a great demand for these data. Agriculture is an example. The activity of agricultural companies is related to the need to have accurate temperature data, to date, meteorological services can not provide them with sufficiently accurate data. Thousands of IoT sensors in all regions of the country will be able to obtain the necessary data. Agriculture is just one of the many areas of interest in IoT sensor data. In addition, there are environmental, energy and other companies interested in data. To implement the project gathered a team of excellent professionals that gives confidence in the success of the platform and its development.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale : April 26-May 26

Symbol : DTX

Token type : ERC20

The price per token: 1 DTX = 0.13 USD

Tokens for sale: 225,000,000 DTX

Identification: Required

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