Secure Internet with DataWallet

ICO DatawalletDATAWALLET — personal data management platform and a way to directly profit from personal data — dx-Insights, which is DataWallet’s market and consumer insights data-application.

When the Internet entered our life, we could hardly imagine it is going to make such a big movement. We didn’t even think about that a day will come and we will give personal information to the foreigners and will do it with pleasure. Now Internet controls our life, but we can’t just give up using it because almost everything is connected to this powerful system. What we need to do is controlling our data. That’s why Digital Wallet was created.

To make your interaction with the services you link to more safe and reliable Data Wallet team launched on June 9th, gives the users digital wallet that belongs only to them and they are able to control it. If you link an account to Data Wallet your data will be purchased, and if your account is more, then your chances become more and more active.

The main purpose of creating this blockchain based platform is having secure data. It means that after joining Data Wallet you can decide what data you wish to share and what not. The User can allow others access to their social accounts like Twitter, Instagram, and other popular social networks and even specify what information they want to provide starting from photos to personal data like their birthday or the place they live in.

DataWallet API

DataWallet recently presented its DataWallet API which is the first hub for developers who build AI driven applications in the center of which is personal data. It’s very similar to App Sore done for App developers and Ethereum did for Blockchain technologies.

DataWallet creators say that users must be involved in transactions with the help of constructing encryption which is the user’s private key. This method advantage is that neither DataWallet nor any third party can’t use the data without permission of the owner. This technology is one of the most important tools that offers DataWallet to the big audience of digital world users.

The team

The team gathered enthusiasts of their field who are ready to make global changed in the digital world. Their innovative ideas result is DataWallet which solves most common issues on the Internet. Serafin Lion Engel is the CEO of DataWallet. He graduated Business Administration at Rotterdam School of Management. And studying at Petra Vorsteher Scholar Draper University. Tim Draper is an investor in Skype, Tesla, and SpaceX and his contribution in DataWallet creating is quite big. Another motivated and talented guy Daniel Hawthorne has PhD in Cognitive Science at Stanford University. Mrc Benioff is the CEO of Salesforce and joins the team of DataWallet with new ideas and a great willingness to create something special and important for the users.

Datawallet creates a reliable and secure atmosphere for all people because we can hardly find someone that doesn’t use the Internet. And Even though the internet has given us millions of chances that we haven’t had before, it is not secure, therefore we need to think about personal data safety. DataWallet develops the system every day to offer the best platform to dive in.

What is data exchange token (DXT)?

Datawallet has a private economy where data exchange token is the exchange channel. There are earning tokens and spending tokens. When users share their data they get earning tokens, while they can also use spending tokens to pay for services powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Datawallet App Store.

In a nutshell, Datawallet gives users, who are data creators, the opportunity to own a virtual wallet that they control filled with rightfully owned assets. These are the data they create every day using various platforms on one hand, and on the other hand, it gives developers a window to create a whole new level in data processing and advancement and, finally, companies with well-founded decisions and perfected products.

Token Sale Datawallet

You will get tokens when you share really expressive data with the companies you select. Accepted currencies for tokens are the following: BTC, ECH, and ETH. Token sale will last only 30 days as it is usually done regarding to any blockchain based platform token period.

DataWallet is able to plug into different online account like Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb, Uber, Amazon and many more. If you are a brand owner, you can just mention what kind of data you want and how much you are ready to pay for that, afterward users will make a decision if they want to share it or not.

Datawallet has many more advantages to explore. Everything is done for having convenient and trusty environment for both the users and the companies. This new startup can really give the solution to various problems we are having on the Internet and we can be safe and secure using DataWallet.