Dating With Benefits

Project overview Dating With Benefits – dating platform on the blockchain.

Platform Dating With Benefits will be the world’s first platform for dating which will run on the blockchain. On the platform will be able to get acquainted and start a relationship, it will also be possible to determine the purpose of dating and expectations from the meeting. People who have agreed on their intentions will be able to consolidate their consent with the help of smart contracts.

Problems of dating on the Internet

In our time, widespread social network in which people can communicate not only with friends of their real life, but also to make new friends. Millions of people around the world are lonely and searching for romantic relationships, but there are a lot of difficulties that users of these sites can face on the existing sites. Users are often faced with the fact that the people who liked them has a fake profile, and in fact does not correspond to the information that tells about yourself. Often users are confronted with the fact that their interlocutor indicates not your photos or cheating on account of his age. As a result, people remain disappointed and often leave their attempts to find people for romantic dates. Just quite often come across scammers who are in the confidence of the person and ask him to send them photos of often intimate content. After the victim sends the photos, they start extorting money, threatening to publish their photos publicly on the Internet and send them to all friends. Thus, a person has to put up with the fact that his photos will be available to all on the Internet or send extortionists money for them to delete intimate photos.

Dating With Benefits Platform

The Dating With Benefits platform is created to solve a lot of problems faced by people who want to meet for dating. Due to the fact that the platform will work on the blockchain, users will not have to worry about the confidentiality of their data. In comparison with other platforms dating DWB offers a huge number of advantages. The platform will completely solve the problem with fake accounts due to the fact that users will upload an image of their face which will be scanned by the platform. After verification of the identity of the user, its identifier is recorded and the block chain.

The platform will use the reputation system, you can leave a positive review about the person you met. Thanks to this, people who are planning to meet with him will be able to see your feedback about it. The ecosystem will use its own DWB platform token, which will function in the Dating With Benefits ecosystem. Also, the use of smart contracts protects its users from any problems in the future. So the consent of both parties to a romantic date is recorded in a smart contract, so they give their consent to what they would like to receive from this date. There will be no hidden fees on the platform, users will be charged a 1% transaction fee. The platform will be the place where people who want a romantic date, the platform will meet and meet millions of people. On creation of the platform working professionals as their field of blockchain and the scope of dating with a huge experience. The platform will offer a popular service for many people, which will ensure the relevance and success of Benefit and will be able to make a profit to its investors who can invest in the project at the stage of ICO which takes place at the moment and in which you can participate.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Selling tokens : from 10 May to 1 July


Token type : ERC20

The price per token: 1 BENEFIT = 0.0001 ETH

Total tokens: 600,000,000 

Identification: Required

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