Project overview Dealjoy – decentralized cashback service.

The Dualjoy platform will be the first of its kind cash back platform that will work on the blockchain using smart contracts , which will allow buyers to receive cash back instantly and in cryptocurrency. The platform itself Dealjoy will help to find the buyer the best deals that will look for using a specially developed algorithm.

Cashback with Dealjoy

The main problem is the traditional payment service, which is used in the existing online store. In the traditional payment service, participants pay a fairly high fee, as well as leave a lot of personal identification data, which takes a very long time. Existing online platforms use Bank transfer, paper checks and online payment systems such as PayPal to make payments to their customers. These payment services are not private and include various fees as well as invasion of users ‘ privacy. Another problem from the point of view of the user, they get a delay in the process of buying the goods and receiving the Commission. Cashback is one of the most popular tools used by brands to save consumers. But as the market grows, people using different variants of cashback services face a lot of problems. Third parties use users ‘ personal information to make money by selling information. User privacy is absent in today’s realities, it is neglected by all who can. Another major problem in the industry is the long transaction processing time. Consumers need a new model of cashback service with a transparent, secure and fast payment system. Dealjoy creates a single solution for the cashback industry. The application will be available on Android and iOS. . Consumers will be able to choose from a long list of sellers and find the best deals. Purchases on the platform will be simple, and earnings will be much easier. The digital wallet on the platform can be used to receive tokens received when making purchases.

A special matching algorithm on the platform helps the consumer to find the best offers that match their preferences and behavior. The platform offers a variety of special services for participants, such as instant cash and special deals. Using blockchain technology and artificial technologies on a single platform, they managed to create a platform for the future of the cash back industry. The platform is earned through commissions from partners.Participants Dealjoy Plus awarded the highest rate of return cash for all purchases, which leads to higher savings and a higher payout than regular members. Instant cash for participants Dealjoy Plus become possible thanks to the guarantees on the DEAL token provided by the user.

Project team

Specialists from various industries with extensive experience in the field of blockchain work on the creation of the Dealjoy platform , who set themselves the task to create the Dealjoy platform. Aleksi Kinnunen-technical Director-has 13 years of experience in developing and managing web platforms with millions of users. He is also the founder of the largest online community platform in Finland with over a million users. The platform will meet modern requirements in the field of e-Commerce and serve for the benefit of its users providing them with high security and convenience, which will be provided through the use of blockchain and smart contracts. The platform will receive a large number of advantages compared to competitors that will allow you to count on the demand and success of the platform Dealjoy.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale: August 25-September 22

Price per token: 1 ETH = 40 000 DEAL

Symbol: DEAL

Type of tokens : ERC20

Tokens for sale: 980 000 000 DEAL

Identification: required 

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