Digital Ticks

Project overview Digital Ticks – multi-functional cryptocurrency exchange.

Platform Digital Ticks is created as a cryptocurrency exchange which will exceed the usability of all existing. The exchange will be with a simple, convenient place to trade and exchange for each user. The work of the exchange will be as fast and reliable as possible, will also have a widespread referral program for all users.

Digital Ticks Platform

To date, there is a huge variety of exchanges for trading cryptocurrencies, but as a rule, each of them has certain disadvantages and inconveniences. The Digital Ticks project team took them into account and wants to create a platform that will be as easy to use as possible with a user-friendly interface and intuitive operation. Also in existing exchanges, users have to spend a lot of time waiting, it will also be fixed on the exchange Digital Ticks, whose work will be as fast as possible. Many users have bitter experience when they lost their money on various exchanges, the project team pays great attention to the security of their users ‘ assets. A high level of security will be implemented using Multi Signature Walls, the platform will be protected from various DDoS attacks. The platform will provide several types of fees, such as transaction fees and exchange fees. There will also be a Commission for listing new tokens. Users are also not important enough platform that will have a distribution of a referral program. Each user of the platform will be able to earn DTX tokens, for this he will need to attract his friends and acquaintances to purchase tokens. This will be beneficial not only to those who are attracted, attracted the user will also receive a bonus to their purchase of five percent as well as the one who attracted him. Token DTX, released platform will be a token Ethereum. Due to this, all DTX token holders on the platform will receive a discount on various operations. Also, the token will be able to pay the Commission of the platform. Any user will also be able to access a variety of analytical information that can also be paid using the DTX token. Trading on the platform will be as simple as possible, the sale and purchase can be made in just one click.

Without a doubt, the Digital Ticks exchange will appeal to all users, as it will provide a lot of advantages that are not available on other platforms, and that will make the process of trading cryptocurrencies simple and convenient for each user. Among the main advantages can be identified:

Working on the platform will be convenient not only for professional traders but also for beginners

Platform will provide high speed transaction

Each user will be able to trade with several cryptocurrency pairs at once

The referral program will be beneficial for all users of the exchange

Holders of the token DTX will make a profit at the expense of increasing the cost

The platform will be available qualitative analytical information through which the trader will be able to make more profitable transactions for the sale and purchase of certain assets. There will be various indicators that will help to dispose of the trader’s funds.
The Digital Ticks platform is being created by a team of their best specialists, who have extensive experience in various industries,and who have come together to create a convenient and simple exchange, which will be simple and at the same time reliable in operation. A good team of specialists who have gathered at Digital Tick can guarantee the success and relevance of the platform and ensure a good profit for its investors and all holders of DTX tokens.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale : April 15-June 15

Symbol: DTX

Token type : ERC20

The price per token: 1 DTX = 0.3 USD

Tokens for sale: 64,000,000 

Identification: Required

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