Project overview DIW – platform decentralized storage of passwords and keys.

The DIW platform is a decentralized identification service that allows you to store information in encrypted form on the blockchain. The platform allows account holders to have access to encrypted information that will be stored safely. The account owner will be able to get instant access to the information.

Platform DIW

Many people often have a problem with the safety of passwords from social networks, various accounts on the Internet, various keys to wallets as well as personal confidential information. Often passwords are not only lost but can also fall into the hands of criminals. In the world of cryptocurrencies, many faced with the loss of the password from the wallet and in consequence of the loss of money. Just attackers can steal your passwords and take possession of your money. Thanks to DIW these problems will be solved, because it will be possible to store valuable information in a special storage in which it will be safe and inaccessible to other people. Personal data will be stored on a decentralized platform, with access to information only the owner of which is verified. In addition, the platform will have its own secure wallet for cryptocurrencies which can be used for a small fee. Thanks to this wallet it will be possible to make transactions both in cryptocurrency and fiat money, all operations will be as safe as possible for the wallet owner. The wallet will be available on any device whether it is a home computer tablet or mobile phone.

With the help of the wallet you can pay for purchases on various sites. It will be possible to book hotels and buy plane tickets. Also, depending on the need, it will be possible to share some of your personal data with other people, for example, you can store your medical history and when you visit a doctor to give it to him. The system will also help sellers and buyers to carry out transactions between themselves, this will be possible thanks to the use of smart contracts that will guarantee the honesty and transparency of transactions between users.

The main advantages of DIW

The DIW platform offers its users a large number of advantages and opportunities that are not available on other similar platforms, and which can be used on the DIW platform, the main advantages that can be distinguished are

The security of the account owner

High speed of operations on the platform

The possibility of transactions in cryptocurrency and fiat money

Peer-to-peer Protocol for sensitive data transfer

Service for confidential storage of personal data

DIW token and distribution of collected funds

Your own DIW platform token will be released. 1 billion tokens will be issued, 700 million of which will be sold during the ICO. Tokens will function within the platform, they will be able to pay for storing information on the platform, make sales and purchase transactions with other users of the platform. During the ICO there will be several stages of sale, the price of the token will grow by the end of the ICO. Thus, the earlier you invest in the project, the more profitable the token price will be for you. The growth of the token price will be gradual and will grow only during the ICO by almost 40%, so the investment in the company at an early stage is the most promising. As part of the tokens that will not be sold during the ICO will be destroyed.

On the creation of a platform of experienced professionals from various fields who have set themselves the task of making relevant and useful to the community platform. A good team can guarantee the success of the project and bring good profits to its investors.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale: May 3- 31 May


Type of tokens : ERC20

Price per token: 1 DIW = 0.0001 ETH

Tokens for sale: 700,000,000 DIW

Identification: required 

Project resources

Web – https://diwtoken.com

Whitepaper – https://docsend.com/view/qr8a4u7

ANN – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2567416

Telegram – https://t.me/diwtoken

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