ICO DIW: Digital Identification Wallet.

ICO DIWIn the age of Internet, everything is getting digitalized. Meanwhile, there is an immense amount of responsibility in securing the information and assets that are being created in the digital network. The digital security is as much important as the digital storage. Recently, there is an increase in the amount of data that are being breached and intercepted.
Even in the corporate businesses, the data is getting breached and the global survey reports that 75% of the companies have reported that the data is getting breached. With the cryptocurrencies disrupting the financial market and more people are selling their assets to the cryptocurrencies shows the immense urge to preserve the blockchain data.

DIW as a Solution

DIW plans to bridge the gaps and the issues with the introduction of the decentralized, peer to peer blockchain ecosystem. DIW holder will be able to access the network only with KYC details and with a valid documentation.
The consumers can perform the transactions with full transparency and the users will be able to see each other’s real life performance. DIW has its own digital token system named as the DIW token. This token can be used to perform the transactions with a higher order security.
DIW has a vision of introducing the payment gateway in its network where the users can easily integrate the crypto wallets with the e-commerce websites. This enables the usage of cryptocurrencies in the everyday activities.

The Security

The utilization of the blockchain technology has various advantages like there is no intermediary or the central authorities control the currency. The transaction between two users will be recorded in the registries of all the customers.
The decentralized cryptocurrency can become the next industrial revolution with its capabilities of giving the transparency and the increased security at the same time.

Areas of Application

The tactical approach of DIW is to plan the application in the five areas: Secured Digital Vault, Global directory, Payment gateway for fiat and crypto currencies, Paid Escrow and Healthcare.
DIW holders can securely transfer the data and information and the account holding details will be tracked by the smart contract technology.
Digital Vault will serve as a locker where the user can secure the highly encrypted data like the identification documents and bank details. Only the user can access the digital vault.
Payment Gateway provides the new exciting medium to the users and the e-commerce websites to accept the payments in the fiat and cryptocurrencies.
DIW Global directory will be a platform for the KYC related data and the data will be continuously shared between the DIW community members.
Paid Escrow is another feature to safeguard the transaction between the parties. The party will be paying the small fees in the form of tokens to cover the cost of the smart contract service.

The Vision

The ICO will be conducted and almost 70% of the total tokens will be available for the sale. The main vision of DIW is to successfully complete the five areas of application and to provide Electronic Health Care records to the laboratories and Hospitals.

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