Docademic – global health-care platform accessible to everyone.

Thanks Docademic it will be possible to obtain a higher level of medicine which will be available to everyone. To provide access to any person’s quality medicine, give access to the benefits and knowledge in health care now allow technology.

The data about the patient is stored in the blockchain and allows third parties to build decentralized applications on the Docademic platform.

The problem of access to health care

It is hard to believe, but in the 21st century not all people have free access to health care and medical care, no matter cold or chronic disease. In many countries for many years has built its own health care system, no matter what country but it is not always perfect. A person may need medical attention at any time, and if he or she is unable to reach the hospital on his or her own, or if he or she does not have the money to pay for medical services, he or she may be in an unenviable situation. Every year, thousands and thousands of people fall victim to such circumstances. The problems of access to health care have caused many epidemics in the history of mankind, as an example we can recall the case of the spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa.What to do for the sick person who is faced with various barricades standing in his way to receive medical care? This issue is very acute today.

Docademic Platform

The Docademic team has a huge knowledge base behind their back and they understand the problems of modern medicine like no other. Docademic application for doctors and patients will create a global health system with a related set of services and will provide the highest level for any user.

The Docademic application offers a simple interface in the use of which will understand everyone who uses the multiple benefits of artificial intelligence and helps doctors who are in touch 24 hours a day and can always help.

The patient can request medical care anywhere and perform the necessary procedures. Also can share with physicians about their health status via blockchain. Connection of medical services to a single platform allows you to conveniently, efficiently and most importantly timely receive medical care. Artificial intelligence created with the participation of the best doctors will be able to diagnose the patient’s symptoms. The team of doctors in real time will receive all the information and will make decisions on treatment. 

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Selling tokens : from 5 Feb to 14 April

Symbol: MTC

Token type : ERC20

Price per token: 1 MTC = 0.000035 ETH

Total tokens: 1,000,000,000 MTC

Tokens for sale: 350,000,000 MTC

Identification: Required

Min / Max quantity for purchase:0.01 ETH min.

Project resources

Website ICO –

Web site platform –


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