Project overview Egretia is a platform for HTML5 functioning in blockchain with Egret technology.

Egretia platform will become the world’s first platform that will unite blockchain and HTML5. Developers can create games on the blockchain with a set of tools Egretia Lab. Egretta will provide players, providers, channels and advertisers with comprehensive blockchain solutions and services to create a fully balanced ecosystem.

Egretia Platform

Being the world’s first platform to serve the blockchain and HTML5 ecosystem, Egretia  Lab has teamed up with Egret Technologies to work with large markets. They have combined blockchain with other proven tools, and reached the necessary agreements with Internet communities and partners to attract a large number of developers and a lot of mobile users of Egret Technologies in the world of blockchain. HTML5 technology is recognized worldwide and covers mobile games, the Internet, advertising, video and other industries. The technology eliminates some of the bottlenecks, such as performance and traffic compatibility, that were common when working with games. The cross-platform nature of the technology allows it to be used in different industries, creating entirely new business models.

n cooperation with Egret technology, which is a well-known provider of HTML5 technology services, The egretia platform has created The egretia Blockchain laboratory, which combines blockchain technology with HTML5 technology to create the world’s first HTML5 blockchain, which is aimed at the use of blockchain technology for various industries. Egretia Lab started to develop its project in mid-2017. The team aims to create one of the largest and most complete HTML5 blockchain platforms. In the third quarter of 2018, it is planned to launch the first release of games and applications Egretia blockchain, which will be implemented many key features, tools for development and intellectual contracts. To date, Egretia Lab has translated into reality the available HTML5 and devices to increase production capacity for the successful creation of the latest platform to release machines for playing the blockchain. The platform uses a mechanism and supports more than 2000 transactions per second DPoS. In the future, the project intends to increase TPS according to business needs.Visual game development environment integration; covers the entire development process (development, debugging, publishing, packaging); in addition, resource management, particle editing, animation editing, cloud publishing and other extensions are available, making the game development experience more friendly and convenient.

Game developers and gamers will be able to manage Egreten digital tokens through their wallets. currently developed the PC, mobile and browser version of purse. Egreat Technology has spent more than four years creating a comprehensive set of tools for HTML5 content development. With their help, developers will be able to create content, test their developments, integrate them with blockchain technology and distribute the finished product. Not only can developers quickly build blockchain apps using Egretta, but they’ll also get full service through the platform such as game distribution, advertising, trading, storage, and communication.

The main components of Egretia

Digital asset exchange platform: provides a platform that allows players to create games on Egretia that can share digital assets.
Advertising platform: create a system for managing advertisements for the games blockchain, smart contracts and e-payments.
Game platform: players can play games on this platform, the platform uses the game evidence mechanism (PPG) for electronic rewards for players, and for sharing with friends.
Egretta incubator: the nursery will support teams to develop games based on Gratia, creating a bridge between the player and the development team.
Storage platform: using blockchain technology, you can completely store all the data in the game.
Game development platform: software for HTML5 games development on the first blockchain. Egretia will be developed and run on the blockchain and will provide for future blackany.

The Egretia platform will provide a digital egreten token that can be combined with other games, as well as be used by players to securely and efficiently exchange virtual goods. The token will be the first token that will connect different games.

Road map

Quarter 2/2018: Release of development tools, smart contracts and test chain.
Quarter 3/2018: the First issue of electronic games and applications on the egretia blockchain.
Quarter 4/2018: released alpha release of the developer kit SDK Egretia Blockchain.
Quarter 1/2019: released version of e-wallet for users.
Quarter 2/2019: the development of a gaming platform on the blockchain was Released.
Quarter 3/2019: End transaction platform virtual real estate Egretia
Quarter 4/2019: End advertising platform Egretia
Quarter 1/2020: support for other platform platforms such as Ethereum, EOS …
Quarter 2/2020: Release of The first full version of the egretia blockchain.

A good team with extensive experience in technically strong organizations creates a project in which it is planned to combine modern technology with a huge potential and a huge market with billions in turnover. Both technologies-HTML5 and blockchain, are innovative and advanced, in symbiosis with each other will certainly create an interesting and necessary product. The web industry is in continuous development and improvement and will appreciate the platform Egretia and its capabilities.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale : May 26- 30 May 


Token type : ERC20

The price per token: 1 EGT = 0.0102 USD

Total token: 8,000,000,000 EGT

Identification: Required

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