Project overview Elysian –  security platform for e-Commerce on blockchain.

The Elysian platform will become a decentralized platform for e-Commerce, which will create a product that will surpass competitors ‘ solutions through the use of blockchain and innovative technologies. Blockchain will provide a high level of security, and artificial intelligence will eliminate the shortcomings that competitors have.

Elysian Platform

The e-Commerce industry is a huge market that exceeds $ 2 trillion per year , increasing by 10% per year. But despite its huge scale and high growth rates, it faces a lot of problems, the main of which is security. The problem is the lack of reliable cyber security systems and identity verification systems that could ensure the security and increase the efficiency of e-Commerce. Today, ensuring high security in the field of e-Commerce is a big problem, and perhaps there are no products that would guarantee security. This hinders the development of e-Commerce and reduces growth. The Elysian project is going to fix this situation by using smart protocols and blockchain technology to provide security at a new level. The Elysian project team offers innovative solutions that will be able to combine blockchain and artificial intelligence that will be able to provide the highest level of security for the storage of various data and information. Elysian will be able to provide users with security against fraud and will promote increase of a level of trust between buyers and sellers in e-Commerce, which in turn stimulates the growth of e-Commerce companies.

The Benefits Of Elysian

The use of the platform does gives a lot of advantages in comparison with competitors. Due to the fact that the platform will run on the blockchain and will be fully decentralized, it will be possible to achieve high security and transparency of the platform. Also, the platform will gain an advantage over competitors due to the fact that the Elysian platform will be scalable, the mechanism of the platform will allow to significantly increase its databases and the number of users. This makes the platform a universal simple solution for different companies. Also, the use of blockchain allows you to store and process data for free and to ensure absolute security of this data. The information stored on the blockchain cannot be tampered with or altered. The innovative project Elysian makes the application on the platform of artificial intelligence and virtual reality. The combination of artificial intelligence and virtual reality greatly simplifies the process of buying various goods for customers. Artificial intelligence will help users of the platform by analyzing information about the preferences of a particular user and generate individual offers for each individual user. The user will receive recommendations based on the products and services that he / she has previously viewed .The user who makes purchases using the platform will appreciate the simplicity and functionality of the platform that will help him to save time and money.

Project team

Specialists from various industries with extensive experience in the field of blockchain and e-Commerce are working on the creation of the Elysian platform, who set themselves the task to create the Elysian platform. The platform will meet modern requirements in the field of e-Commerce and serve for the benefit of its users providing them with high security and convenience, which will be provided through the use of blockchain and smart contracts. The platform will receive a large number of advantages in comparison with competitors that will allow you to count on the demand and success of the Elysian platform. The success of the Elysian platform will allow to get a good profit to the investors of the project who can participate in the ICO and buy the tokens of the project which will grow in price together with the development and expansion of the platform.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale: June 4 – July 8

Price per token: 1 ELY = 0.12 USD

Symbol : ELY

Type of tokens: ERC20

Total tokens: 1,000,000,000 ELY

Identification: required 

Project resources

Web – https://elycoin.io/

Whitepaper – https://elycoin.io/whitepaper/english

ANN – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3333050.msg34852238#msg34852238

Telegram – https://t.me/elysian_ely

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