ICO Envion Mobile Mining.

EnvionEnvion is simply a global mining operation, unrelated to problems such as energy price spikes, hardware shortages, governance problems or fixed locations. They have access to the world’s cheapest energy sources, allowing them to access the smallest transformer/investor stations on the planet. In addition, they are also showing the future of an intelligent, highly productive and deconcentrated block chain structure, a global crypto-mining infrastructure. Accommodated in modular mobile CSC containers. Decentralised location and directly on the electricity network.
Envion has developed the first truly mobile mining unit (MMU) that uses low-cost local energy to take advantage of a wide range of crypto currencies. By leveraging clean energy from locally available sources, Envion can operate at a lower cost than competitors and at the same time reduce the CO2 footprint of the block production chain industry. Envion aims to decentralize the highly concentrated mining market and return control of it to the users. Therefore, the profits generated by UMMs are 100% beneficial to cardholders. Profits will be distributed on a weekly basis: 75% of profits will be distributed on a weekly basis, while 25% will be used to reinvest directly in UMM, in order to guarantee the community Envion an exponential increase in results.

Our vision

We believe that the innovation of the system is imperative for crypto coins to gain mass acceptance. We believe that future mining operations should be decentralized to lessen their dependence on regulations from individual governments, strong individuals and fossil or nuclear energy.
Future crypto-mining operations should reduce the systemic risks arising from linking certain currencies or mines. In this way, envion strives to restore decisive power to the crypto-community. It should be feasible for individuals to participate in crypto-mining without major investments in hardware and technology. Apart from the broad ownership of mining operations, envion strives to involve the community in decision-making on key mining decisions. Therefore, we strive to reduce the obstacles for a wider audience to participate in the crypto-community community.
By giving everyone a chance to take part in securing the future of the block chain, envion is laying the groundwork for the future of crypto mining by designing highly mobile, low-maintenance mining equipment and giving our society the right to vote for mining sites and coin selection.

The challenge

The cryptographic mining business is highly dependent on energy supply. The price and availability of electricity are the most important factors for mining companies.
At the macroeconomic level, cheap energy hunting has led to a concentration of mining operations in countries with low socio-economic and environmental standards and, therefore, cheap fossil electricity. As a negative consequence of this “dirty” and low-cost energy, the extraction of crypto currency contributes significantly to climate change.
Meanwhile, the concentration of mining operations in a few authoritarian countries undermines the distributed general ledger system and increases the risk of manipulation.
At the microeconomic level, small-scale miners have become more vulnerable to fluctuations in energy prices and regulatory effects. The competitive advantage of many companies in this sector depends on the willingness of a handful of regimes to tolerate crypto currency, keep energy prices low and comply with friendly regulations. This is obviously the business model of an industry in its early stages.
The mining activities of the next generation will be climate-friendly, more resilient to local price fluctuations and regulatory changes, more cost-effective and decentralized.
Therefore, the new business model driven by environmental technology, which combines green energy sources with global economic viability, is part of this new generation.

About the Token and ICO

  • Sales deadline: 1 December 2017 to 14 January 2018
  • Symbol: EVN
  • File type: ERC20
  • Symbolic ICO rate: 1 EVN = 0.70 USD
  • Fundraising goal: $150,000,000 USD
  • Total tokens: 150,000,000,000,000,000
  • Availability for the commercialization of cards: 83%.
  • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, Credit card

Distribution of cards

  • 83% = card holders
  • 10% = founding team
  • 5% = send AG as reserve
  • 2% = The Rewards Program

Details Information

Sitio web -  https://www.envion.org/en/
Whitepaper -  https://www.envion.org/en/whitepaper/
Bitcointalk -  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2348435