The Essentia project overview –  decentralized structure for creating, storing and accessing your digital life.

With Essentia, you will be able to store all your data in various financial structures applications in one place, allowing you to access them from any device at any time when you need to access them.  All identifiers will be kept completely secure and cannot be accessed by anyone other than their owner.


Essentia Platform

This platform will save you from many difficulties faced by a modern person who has to store a huge amount of data, and there is a great risk of losing access to them. Essentia will be the first decentralized structure that will allow to store digital IDs exercising confidentiality and security to their owner. The user will be able to enter their data and resources and interact with their data from Essentia’s personal dashboard, a user-specific platform . Access to data located in a decentralized storage will be available from anywhere in the world and from any gadget, with the possibility of their physical reservation. There will be no interaction with third parties, the absence of such affects the benefit of security and confidentiality, thereby using the strengths and opportunities that decentralization provides to us and through which it is possible to provide a product that will be in demand and will serve for the benefit of its users. A team of professionals from various fields gathered to work on the project, and they will create and maintain a product that is likely to become indispensable for many.

The principle of decentralization of data:

The Benefits Of Essentia

High reliability and safety

Full ownership and access of the user to  data

Multi-purpose protocol

The structure has to be scaled

Complete anonymity and confidentiality for the user

Flexible, modular decentralized structure

Personal environment for managing different data and identifiers

Accessibility and unlimited for the platform user

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale :From 15 April to 30 April

Symbol: ESS

Token type : ERC20

The price per token: 1 ESS = 0.05 USD

Tokens for sale: 450,000,000 ESS

Identification: Required

Project resources

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