ICO FortKnoxster – Telegram on Steroids.

FortKnoxster offers end-to-end encrypted inbox, chat, decentralized storage, calling, video conferencing, voice messages etc. – all within one web and mobile platform. The FortKnoxster token (FKX) will be used for purchasing various services and for incentivizing users for different rewards achieved. As an example users get rewarded in FKX token for renting out their hard disk space as part of FortKnoxster’s decentralized storage.

ICO FortKnoxster

FortKnoxster Features

    FortKnoxster leverages on the Ethereum Blockchain technology using smart contracts, to establish secure, private and trusted communication links between our users.
    Store your valuable data encrypted in a decentralized distributed storage p2p network– and make sure it stay yours. Easy to share and manage files and folders seamlessly.
    Messages and attachments are end-to-end encrypted and as secure as it gets. Send messages to colleagues, clients and business partners with peace of mind.
  • CHAT
    Real-time secure end-to-end encrypted chat for fast and instant communications. Comes with voice messages, group chat and much more.
    Secure calling without snooping from competitors or external surveillance. The most private calling you can get on both web and mobile.
    Collaborate securely by chatting, calling, sharing files etc., via the group conferencing feature – work smarter and more secure.
    We have developed encrypted screen-sharing as an extra valuable tool to collaborate securely with partners and other 3rd parties.
    Send quick encrypted voice messages without calling. Saves time and the feature is available both on web and app platforms.
    The dashboard is simple and easy to use and gives users a total overview of all communications and data.
    Native mobile apps for iOS and Android with all communication features, inbox, chat, group chat, audio and video calling and group calling.

Benefits for token buyers

Token FKX will be used as a means to stimulate and further develop the project, as well as to ensure its efficiency. FortKnoxster users who own FKX tokens will be able to purchase subscriptions to services, including encrypted data storage and other features.

Registration with FortKnoxster is free of charge. For each user will be allocated a limited amount of free encrypted storage. To increase its volume, the user must purchase a subscription using FKX tokens. FortKnoxster will also provide other services and subscriptions in the future in exchange for FKX tokens.

Features of the Crowdsale

  • The token symbol is FKX;
  • The standard is ERC-20;
  • The platform on which it will be used is Ethereum;
  • The total number of tokens, which will be offered for sale at ICO 80.325 million;
  • The maximum goal that the project is going to collect is about $ 15 million. The price of the token is: $ 1 = 5.25 FKX
  • You can buy tokens for ETH.