Overview of the project Genesis –  platform for investing in real estate.

A platform for investing in real estate is being created, which will allow access to various real estate objects located in different parts of the earth. On the platform, which is created using the latest technologies and that the most important blockchain investors will be able to receive high income. Combined efforts of experts from both the real estate and blockchain.

Genesis Platform

The ways and methods of investing have changed repeatedly for the duration of his existence. The project team believes that the time for the next change has come now, when blockchain penetrates into all spheres of human activity. Blockchain opens up new opportunities for the real estate market that will increase the income of investors, but at the same time reduce their risks. Genesis will create a platform that will open up new opportunities for investors using all the achievements of modern technologies. Thanks to the creation of a Fund of real estate objects that will be owned by the platform, it will be possible to honestly distribute profits between investors.

Smart contracts will be used for this purpose and distributed among platform participants using GES tokens. Genesis team will open its own exchanger that will allow you to exchange tokens GES Fiat money. The strategy of forming an investment portfolio will provide investors with a high profit which will reach 25% per annum. Payments will be made every quarter of the year. All information concerning investment objects will be open and available for investors, and they will be able to get acquainted with the prospects of certain investments. In addition to gas tokens, it is also planned to issue nes tokens, which will be traded on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. They will also be in the role of currency in the Genesis ecosystem, and will be a tool for obtaining various bonuses for platform participants:

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale :From 1 April to 15 may

Symbol: GES

Token type : ERC20

The price per token: 1 GES = 1 EUR

Total tokens: 1,00,000,000 GES

Identification: Required

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