Platform overview ImmVRse – virtual reality to a new level.

ImmVRse is a decentralized platform where you can share different videos. The creators of VR content will be able to get access to a wide audience of viewers. The authors of the video will be rewarded for their work. The content viewer, in turn, will be able to evaluate and comment on various videos.

The Project ImmVRse

Nowadays, virtual reality is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that the products related to virtual reality are rapidly developing and are in high demand. Truly enormous potential of virtual reality application. Together with ImmVRse, creators and viewers of virtual reality content will be able to access a decentralized platform that is built on blockchain. The platform will provide an opportunity to meet video creators, viewers and advertisers. Thanks to blockchain, the operation of the platform will be safe and transparent. The project team creates a revolutionary product, the platform will become a market for trading content.

Since the platform will be built on blockchain using Ethereum smart contracts, there will be no need for intermediaries between the content creator, the advertiser and the audience. Smart contracts Ethereum will be to ensure the highest speed and security of all transactions. Thus, smart contracts will regulate the terms of transactions and payments that will be in the hands of the creator of the content, so its intellectual property will be fully protected, will be very simple and easy to use, there will be no costs associated with bank accounts and other bank costs and costs associated with high commissions on various financial transactions, as the need for them completely content creators will have the opportunity to collaborate with leading advertisers from around the world, which is an added benefit since there will be no geographical restrictions.

To provide the functionality of the platform, the project team introduce ImmVRse Token (IMV). This token will be the currency within the ecosystem, and all operations will be performed with its participation. These tokens can be easily exchanged for Fiat money on various exchanges. Through the use of tokens, users will receive many benefits, and will greatly facilitate the use of the platform . All settlements will be carried out in IMV with the power of the automated algorithm on the blockchain. IMV tokens will be traded on the various exchanges IMV/BTC, IMV/ETH and IMV pair.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale : from March 30 to May 30

Symbol: IMV

Token type : ERC20

The price per token: 1 IMV = 0.20 USD

Tokens for sale: 300,000,000 IMV

Identification: Required

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