Overview  Kryll –  automated trading platform.

Thanks to Kryll platform you can trade as if you are a professional trader. Kryll will be monitored around the clock for all the courses and trends in all processes will be under the control of the platform . You don’t miss out on anything and it will all happen automated without the need for your constant engagement.

Cryptocurrency trading

If you are reading this article you can not but know what is bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general and maybe you have already traded cryptocurrencies or do consider yourself a professional crypto trader. Not so long ago, large masses of people heard about the crypto industry and how everything new she drew attention. Someone just watched the exchange rate of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, biting elbows after each price jump that did not invest in the crypto asset, someone watched with skepticism expecting that this bubble will burst and he will proudly say to friends – “I told you”. The third group of people saw the prospect and realized that you can not wait any longer and need to invest. Many of the first two groups join the third, but some of the potential profits will certainly be missed. People began to trade in the cryptocurrency market, and during the rapid growth profit received almost everything, mistakenly flat that they became professional traders. When active growth stopped making profits it became more difficult, because it became necessary to spend a lot of time on this case, to have endurance, cold calculation, have analytical skills and other tools for successful work and profit. Now many can breathe a sigh of relief, because Kryll will come to their aid. 

Kryll Platform

Thanks to the Kryl platform, everyone who competently and skillfully uses it will be able to earn on trading crypto assets, having a significant advantage over those who neglect it. The principle of the platform is that it combines the exchange and the opportunity to exchange experiences and skills for passive income. Over the creation of the platform gathered some of the best professionals in their field, who have been working in the cryptocurrency sector for many years. All participants of the platform will be able to count on help and advice, rely on advice from professionals. At the disposal of traders will be a huge number of different strategies that will help to form their own vision of trading crypto assets. It will be possible to test the chosen strategy from a large number or your own made in a demo mode, which will show you its disadvantages before you start trading on a real exchange.

Also, the platform will be integrated tool through which you will be able to interact with other traders on the platform, share and share their knowledge and experience or join forces for a common purpose, all the ways are open to you. Novices of crypto trading will also not feel deprived, they will be able to adopt existing trading strategies from experienced traders after looking at how much their strategy is profitable. And experienced traders who adopt traders will make a profit from the newcomers taking their strategy, thereby an experienced trader will be able to provide a passive income with the help of newcomers of the industry.

Kryll  platform features

All trading strategies will be available to you around the clock, you can choose any

You will be able to discuss and consult on your or other strategies with experienced traders

You will be able to share trading instruments with other users . 

  For the convenience of users will be developed a mobile application through which everyone can keep track of your current results and make adjustments as necessary. The platform will be combined with a large number of different cryptocurrency exchanges and various services.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale : From Feb.7  to April 20

Symbol: KRL

Token type : ERC20

The price per token: KRL – 0.2 USD

Total tokens : 72,000,000 KRL

Tokens for sale: 40,000,000 KRL

Identification: Required

Project resources

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WhitePaper –


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