KWHCoin – Renewable Energy Cryptocurrency Blockchain Tokens.

KWHKWHcoin is issuing a coin in order to integrate the various sources of renewable energy. This would ensure that it becomes easier for the companies to access these resources as well. The entire ecosystem would be based on blockchain which ensures that there would be plenty of resources available which are generating renewable energy on a consistent basis.

With the help of sensors as well as smart meters, the clean energy which is generated from multiple sources can be easily leveraged. Also, since it would be based on the blockchain technology, it would be entirely decentralized as well which adds to the transparency as well as the security of the platform. Also, the coin is a digital currency which would help you in buying the power. The coin also has the backing of a kilowatt-hour of electricity which ensures that you are able to at least get some value for the coin which you are holding. This would automatically help you in gaining the extra security when it comes to investing in ICO’s.

With the help of distributed energy resources, a significant amount of green energy can easily be generated. This green energy can now be transferred and converted into actual cash with the help of this very coin. Thus, corporations, as well as individuals, would be able to easily buy and sell the energy which they need


  • Token acronym: KWHcoin
  • Starting date: February 8 th 2018

The renewable energy industry has not yet adopted the widespread use of blockchain technology. With the help of this coin, the industry would now be able to accept the use of blockchain technology. Since the entire system would be decentralized, it would become much easier for the vendors as well as the stakeholders to convert the actual energy into financial gains in their wallet. This would ensure that the transactions would get completed quite quickly and you would be able to easily generate liquid cash for the renewable energy which you are producing.

Since the demand for renewable energy is increasing year on year, plenty of resources will need to be hired on a decentralized basis. This platform is one of the perfect options when it comes to using such a decentralized resources for generating renewable energy. This is one of the main reasons why this platform can be hugely successful.


If you’re looking to invest in a company which has an actual application for blockchain technology, this ICO is one of the perfect options for you. Since the blockchain technology is also in demand as well as the renewable energy is also in demand, this company has both the verticals which are highly in trend. Moreover, by generating renewable energy and allowing the stakeholders to liquidate it, the company can generate a huge potential for its platform. This would automatically increase the value of the tokens which are being sold in the ICO. If you are seriously looking for a unique opportunity in the blockchain space in order to invest for a longer period of time, this platform provides you with the perfect option. However, if you’re looking for shorter term gains, you should not invest in this ICO.

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