Overview of the Lendingblock project-cryptocurrency lending.

The Lendingblock platform is an exchange on which it will appear for the first time and will be implemented to borrow in cryptocurrency at interest. Various lenders, borrowers cooperate on the basis of credit agreements. On the Lendingblock platform, lenders can earn income for investments made in different digital assets.

Vending block platform

A long established lending fiat money, but this seemed applicable to crypto-currencies before the advent of Lendingblock . In our time, in the world, this area is used by a very large number of people, as not everyone is able to initially secure finances for certain actions, for example: making some purchases or start a business, or invest. Lendingblock is an open platform that is created for borrowing and lending cryptocurrency and other possible digital assets. Lenders can earn income from long-term investments in digital assets, while borrowers can use their assets for short-term trading, hedging and working capital.

Lendingblock creates a market and financial infrastructure for securities lending in the crypto economy. The amount of securities in the loans of securities in 2017 reached $ 2 trillion. It is expected that the credit market of crypto-digital assets will give a more rapid growth in the market. Lendingblock will be the first of its kind credit exchanger protected by crypto-assets. Those who will own digital assets will be able to generate stable income and what is more important reliable, as investments will be insured and it will save people from losing their money. Let’s talk about several principles of technical architecture, first of all – security. In the second – confidentiality. In the third, it is transparency. And finally, in the fourth – scalability. These principles of the project allow to improve it as much as possible.

Another plus of the project is that the amount of capital of the participant does not matter for which party you are (creditor or borrower). If someone wants to become a lender, then he will need to go through a certain registration, which involves the verification of identity and the creation of their own account. In the future, there is a specification procedure in which the creditor is obliged to provide information about what can be offered and how much and what funds it owns, and Lendingblock will check the veracity of this information. After the check is completed, the lender’s offer will be on the site, which will allow you to start searching for the borrower. After all these operations, the transaction is concluded on the terms of Smart Contrast LTD. At the end of the entire chain, the transaction is closed, which implies repayment of the loan and profit to the creditor.

Service users Sendingblock

The service Lendingblock offers owners of digital assets to receive large cash incomes. The end users of the platform are representatives of organizations, companies that want to borrow or Vice versa, provide cryptocurrency assets. These entities can be retail or institutional, they are divided into two categories — lenders and borrowers. Lenders using the Lendingblock platform are hedge funds, as well as representatives of organizations, managers. These participants can receive regular interest income from the asset portfolio.They will be able to access all the possibilities of modern lending. To give up long perspectives of ownership is not necessary. Borrowers are key users of the existing lending industry (investment managers, hedge funds, private traders). These users use the tools provided by other members to achieve all kinds of goals.

Advantages Of Lendingblock

Lendingblock specialists work closely with experienced lawyers. This is necessary to ensure that the activities of the platform were implemented in a legal framework. Accordingly, users of Lendingblock can provide funds to other participants (without putting them at risk), as well as use digital assets. The established legal principles relate to the process of lending, collateral, as well as registration of legal advice, the use of intellectual contracts. In the process of active work on the Lendingblock platform, users will be able to evaluate the following advantages:preparation of the necessary legal documentation for the transactions, if a dispute arises, experts come to the aid of the parties and help to resolve it fairly, providing the possibility of obtaining a cryptocurrency loan. Interest payments on loans that are paid to borrowers are made in lnd cryptocurrency. In conclusion, we can say that this platform is very convenient tool for achieving the goals of obtaining profit for any party involved. Simplicity and ease of use should ensure a certain demand for this platform.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Symbol: LND

Token type : ERC20

The price per token: 1 LND = 0.02 USD

Tokens for sale: 100,000,000 LND

Identification: Required

Project resources

Web – https://lendingblock.com

Whitepaper –  https://lendingblock.com/static/media/Whitepaper-English.21b2ed91.pdf

ANN – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3109951.20

Telegram – https://t.me/lendingblock

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