LOCI — Platform for Intellectual Property Mining and Licensing

ICO LOCILoci’s vision is to create a new global and transparent invention registry system based on the power of blockchain technology. This cannot currently be deemed an official registry, but Loci’s intent is to work with PTO’s over time to empower them. It is worth noting that this has been the plan for the InnVenn system since its inception and the original patent that was conceptualized in 2008.

Specifically, the original patent described a system for immutable tracking of disclosures but used a different database scheme than blockchain, as blockchainas a technology had not yet been publicized. The Loci granted patent details the storage of disclosures in an immutable basis, a key trait of blockchain technology. The patent describes a cryptologic security mechanism for distributed disclosure and concept information for ensuring that corruption is not allowed back into the database.

Loci can enable the user to keep track of their inventive ideas using the platform, while tracking and differentiating the novelty by building searches that would expose a similar concept if it existed and had been published. Loci is making that power accessible to everyone in the world.

First thing to know about this project is that it is not a new idea. It is an established startup with a working product (InnVenn), a growing user base (currently 500+) and an expansive Intellectual Property (IP: the basis of a patent) portfolio. Here’s the beginning:

InnVenn was first conceptualised in 2008 by company CEO, John Wise, who was highly frustrated by the process of trying to obtain a patent when he was an engineer. Convinced that the process could be significantly improved he set himself upon doing just that. He and his father theorised a method of doing so in 2008 -a “System and Method for Fuzzy Concept Mapping, Voting Ontology Crowd Sourcing, and Technology Prediction”- and had the patent filed for the process in 2012. In February of 2017 the product (InnVenn) was launched and the idea, born nine years before, became a reality.


Loci patenting process work as simple as 1–2–3. Everything starts from search. Browse an ocean of patents with this advanced search tool. Discover the value of your idea and identify different pivots that fit you. Next step is to own your patent. Claim immutable proof on Ethereum based blockchain. Now you hold the limited time monopoly for your art. Skip all the risk involved patenting process and monetize your patent straightaway.

Kelompok pengguna sasaran:

  • Penemu dan pengusaha akan menghemat banyak biaya yang diakibatkan oleh pengacara selama pencarian awal. Penemu lokal dapat menemukan aplikasi baru untuk gagasan mereka. Menemukan banyak pivot yang dapat diterapkan dari penemuan sebelumnya adalah prospek yang nyata.
  • Pengacara properti intelektual adalah pemain utama potensial di lingkungan Loci. Pencarian cepat dan komprehensif menghemat banyak waktu. Perusahaan dapat beroperasi sebagai afiliasi untuk Loci untuk mengenalkan klien mereka ke pencarian Invenn.
  • Peneliti Perusahaan akan memanfaatkan uang dengan sebaik-baiknya dibandingkan dengan R & D tradisional. Alih-alih berurusan dengan penelitian duplikat yang tidak efisien yang melibatkan terlalu banyak proses pengadilan, mereka lebih suka berfokus pada strategi pengembangan gagasan baru.
  • Investor adalah orang yang paling diuntungkan dari Loci Invenn. Analisis dan penilaian eksklusif Loci dengan sangat membantu investor. Sembilan dari sepuluh bisnis tidak sesuai dengan penelitian konvensional. Tapi Loci Invenn memberi Anda analisis yang paling menguntungkan dan presentasi.

LOCIcoin, the prime utilitarian token will be priced at $2.49 or its equivalent in ETH. The presale is open for everyone and it will kick off in the fourth quarter of 2017. You need to sign up for the token sale in order to be eligible. 35 million tokens out of available 100 million tokens will feature in public sale. You can use LOCIcoin to only spend on product and services in Loci powered ecosystem.

  • Loci token sale – ICO will start in Q4 od 2017.
  • Loci is trying to make around 50MM$ of this ICO.
  • There is a total of 100MM of tokens and they will sale 35MM to the public.
  • The Loci foundation will hold 50MM and team and their partners will receive 15MM.
  • Foundation will be restricted from selling their tokens and must use them to buy IP from inventors and to keep network flowing.
  • Presale price will be at 50% discount.

WEBSITE https://locipro.com/

WHITEPAPER https://locipro.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/loci-full-whitepaper.pdf

Twitter LOCI https://twitter.com/loci_io