Loomia – designed wearing technology with blockchain technology.

ICO LOOMIAResearch has revealed that the data collection and processing industry is fast synchronizing with the way decisions are made in the world today. Billions of funds are allotted to the examination of the corporate attitude of consumers towards products and services as a way to completely improve in the approach and reach more consumers.

Data gathering and processing is one of the endeavors of the contemporary times that is gaining attention at different strata. This is because brand owners and investors make relative judgment based on the data gotten from the very persons who are direct consumers of the products or services. The identity industry is a very potential one because as of present, our personality as per identity is a filament of numbers, dates, passwords and images.

What this implies is that anyone or anything can pretend to be you as long there is enough data to prove the truism of such claims. Research has revealed that some companies that collect personal data about users claim ownership of that data for themselves and make profits reselling it to large corporations. By implication, personal data is bought and sold at a premium very high rate in closed doors in a rather becoming impervious industry, with value estimated between $156 USD to $330 USD respectively.

Consequently, these challenges has led to so many others protecting personal data from the view of organizations, thus militating against organizational operations. It was on a contrary to invent a technology that will address the afore-stated challenges that I discovered, https://loomia.com/, another 21st century solution.

Loomia is a decentralized ecosystem centered on providing tripartite services of data gathering via clothes and wears as a means to create and build personal identity and to sell brand owners factual figures and analysis of real consumers. The platform is developing the Loomia Tile; a hardware device that transforms cloths into data collecting and identity tools. The platform also works in concurrence with the Loomia Electronic Layer (LEL) – a soft flexible circuit embedded into textiles with the ability to sense changes in its environment through heat and touch.

To make the platform a well-placed one, users can transfer their data to desktop application that allows them to manage and still resell their data to the research market. The Loomia as an application is completely interwoven with everyday reality and employs the Blockchain technology because of security and integrity of the system. One feature that makes Loomia’s Tiles unique is the ability to associate an individual’s physical identity which presents a very exciting starting point for a wide of range of third party integration.

The Loomia Tile Platform is also a peer-to-peer application which keeps data gathered on the Loomia tile, integrates it through a blockchain technology protocol in order to verify users, identities and date integrity. The illustration below shows the three dimensions of the Loomia Platform.

Loomia Platform

The platform allows multiple users to share the same tile without barriers as shown in the illustration below.

The platform allows multiple users

The platform will also feature a decentralized mobile application that will enable users relate with each other on a scale. The diagram below gives a clue of the concept.

The platform will also feature a decentralized mobile application


LOOMIA Roadmap

WEBSITE https://loomia.com/

WHITEPAPER https://loomia.com/token#whitepaper

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