Marginless project overview-everyone can be a bookmaker.

Thanks to The Marginless platform, people betting on sports will have the opportunity to bet against each other, against another person and not the bookmaker. The Marginless platform will be built on blockchain and decentralized. Thanks to the platform, everyone will be able not only to place bets but also to create their own bets on various events directly on the platform which will take a Commission of only 1 %.

Marginless Platform

The Marginless platform will be a real find for those who like to bet against another person. To date, various bookmakers have filled the betting market and dictate their terms which are beneficial primarily to them and not to players. Bookmakers take a large interest rate, thereby putting at a disadvantage the players. Players may also encounter other problems such as delayed payouts. To solve these and other problems of players, The Marginless platform will be built on blockchain.

The work of the platform on the blockchain will be fast and safe. Each player will be protected from fraud and will be sure that he will be paid a prize. Players will no longer have problems with blocked accounts and unpaid winnings. Thanks to the blockchain, the work of the platform will be completely transparent, and all players will be on an equal footing. Due to the high speed of cryptocurrency transactions, their security and anonymity, The Marginless platform will have a great advantage over traditional bookmakers. Also, the blockchain significantly reduces infrastructure costs, as you do not have to do for each country separate ways of replenishment and withdrawal of money, and they will be common to all players. The Marginless platform will be a real revolution in the betting industry. Right in the interface of the marginless platform it will be possible to place a bet against any other player at any time convenient for you.

The Marginless platform will provide a very low Commission which will be equal to one percent. The platform will be implemented a lot of other opportunities for players where they will be able to collect different statistics to share views on different bets. Players will also be able to predict various events and share experiences. The platform will provide an opportunity to replenish your balance with more than 30 different cryptocurrencies, which makes the platform convenient for depositing and withdrawing money from it. Thanks to blockchain, withdrawal and replenishment will take only a couple of minutes. The platform will also provide an opportunity to buy tokens directly in the interface in a safe and reliable way. The best specialists with extensive experience in various fields of both blockchain and betting are working on the creation of the project. The project promises to be successful and in demand and has already attracted the support of various famous people. The project will bring profit to its investors, among which you can find yourself, read the terms of the ICO can be on the links listed at the end of this post.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Selling tokens :  11 April to 31 May


Token type : ERC20

The price per token: 1 MRS = 0.0001 ETH

Tokens for sale: 210,000,000 MRS

Identification: Required

Project resources

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