MoneyToken project overview – lending and decentralized exchange.

Thanks to the MoneyToken platform, users will be able to take loans in the Fiat currency and leave as collateral the cryptocurrency. Thus, the borrower will take out loans in the Fiat currency, leaving the cryptocurrency untouched, and the lender will be confident in receiving their money along with interest. The platform will run entirely on the blockchain, which will protect all participants of the platform from various types of fraud and will give all the advantages of blockchain and smart contracts, such as high transaction speed and full transparency of all operations on the platform.

MoneyToken Platform

It is safe to say that all people are faced with loans, sometimes a person needs to get the money borrowed for a short or medium term. Existing credit schemes are often more beneficial today to banks and other financial institutions that provide loans and the borrower typically pays high interest on loans for short or medium term. Over the past few years, the cryptocurrency market has been growing rapidly and many people have decided to invest in it by buying various cryptocurrencies and tokens for long term storage. If a person needs fiat money, he will have to sell his cryptocurrency, but together with the MoneyToken platform, he will be able to get a loan in the Fiat currency on the security of his cryptocurrency, which he will not have to sell.

In addition to the use of blockchain and smart contracts, MoneyToken platform will run its own artificial intelligence which will significantly increase the speed of the platform, thus giving additional convenience to its users. Artificial intelligence will take part in the maintenance of various transactions on the platform. The platform will work in such a way as to provide the same good conditions to all its users, both creditors and borrowers. On the example of a person who is engaged in the mining of crypto-currencies, you can consider the benefit of taking a loan on the security of the crypto-currency and not selling it to buy new equipment for mining. The miner will not have to sell his cryptocurrencies. which increase gradually in price, to buy new equipment and to take the credit on the security of these crypto-currencies without losing the growth potential of their cryptocurrencies and to pay off the loan with the growth of cryptocurrencies.

The MoneyToken platform will be presented not only as a lending tool but will also have its own cryptocurrency exchange. On this exchange, all participants of the platform will be able to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies. The exchange will be easy to use and functional. Also for the implementation of the platform MoneyToken will be implemented its own IMT token which will operate within the platform for various financial transactions, thanks to this token transactions on the platform will be fast and reliable and convenient.

MoneyToken platform tokens and their sale

Token holders will receive various privileges on the platform such as reduced interest on credits and large discounts on transactions. Token holders are expected to receive a discount of up to 60% on transaction fees. Also, borrowers who will return their loans in the tokens of the platform will receive discounts that will reach 50 %. At the moment, the team of the MoneyToken project holds an ICO in which anyone can participate. During the ICO, it is possible to purchase IMT tokens at a very low price. The structure of the platform is designed in such a way that the price of tokens will constantly grow, and the investment in IMT tokens looks very attractive. Token sale will be carried out from may 2 to June 6. A team of high-level specialists who will ensure the success of the project is working on the project.

Детали ICO  и продажа токенов

Selling tokens : C 2 May to 6 June

Symbol: IMT

Type of tokens : ERC20

Price per token: 1 IMT = 0.0050 USD

Total tokens: 22,490,000,000 IMT

Identification: required 

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