Review Of Multiversum – fourth generation blockchain.

A truly unique project Multiversum will be a fourth generation blockchain which will have a lot of advantages over competitors and predecessors. Blockchain fourth generation will be a revolutionary solution from the point of view of data storage to the decentralization of the application, security, and reliability.


On the platform Multiversum implemented a complex data organization is the sequence, i.e. the cleavage of the chains and the reunification, to provide greater scalability and concurrency, and for the concept validation of integrity ,i.e. a cryptographic proof of the server code, instead of the existing solutions on the proof of work. In addition, Multiversum will include the ERC20 / ERC23 integration, which will allow coins and tokens from other solutions to be placed in the chain and vice versa. Meanwhile, along with these innovations, of course, several good solutions will be used, which already exist in the blockchain of the current generation , and which proved to be on the good side. Multiversum has created a relational database that in the form of data chains can be used in complex industrial, technological public , various commercial environments, healthcare,finance and others to gradually join the technological revolution on the blockchain. One of the main goals is to meet the needs of each market player, who requires high operational security and can increase their productivity with the help of blockchain.

Speed and safety

One of the features is a very high speed of transactions, only 0.2 seconds and the funds transferred from one wallet to another , and at this time enabled transaction verification , which is aimed at ensuring the highest security. Apart from the fact that transactions will be very fast on their Commission will be spent much less energy and effort than the solutions that are offered today on the blockchain market. Also, a system will be implemented to ensure security identification with the use of biometric data, because for each person they are unique and almost impossible to forge, it is a level of security that no one offers to date, and there is no possibility of integrating this level of security into the old generation of blockchain. This is an innovative solution developed by the Multiversum project team.

Multiversum will support identification through fingerprint and retinal scan, it’s an incredible solution in the field of security. Also, biometric identification will be used for transactions, you no longer need to worry about storing keys and passwords. It is also worth mentioning that your data will be circulated in a fully decentralized system, and no one will have access to your personal data, and excluded the possibility that they will become public and you will have some problems with this. At your discretion, you may provide only part of your personal information and may remain partially anonymous. After all, there will be no need for any physical documents. In combination with biometric data , SHA-256 algorithm will be used, thus protecting the identity of the owner and personal data will be under his control.

The solution from Multiversum

The project team analyzed the problems and difficulties faced by the previous generation of blockchain, as well as the tasks they can not cope with. Most modern Internet resources can not interact with complex data, today’s blockchain solutions can not provide them with speed efficiency and security at a high level.

The team strives to create a unique product, for its high efficiency, only the most modern technologies are used, thanks to which it is possible to create a platform that will meet the highest requirements both in safety and efficiency and high speed operation. The transaction speed reaches 64,000 with low power consumption, this was achieved through the use of the Protocol Proof-of-Integrity. Also a distinctive feature is that not one single type of data is processed, but a number of varieties, and this is done very quickly and efficiently. The system works with a list of data that is sorted and concentrated into complex data structures that successfully interact with each other. It is necessary to highlight the fact that will be used as ERC20 and ERC23. Multiversum presents the most innovative solutions that are characteristic of the fourth generation blockchain, such as: chain separation, scalability, data consistency and parallelism.Multiversum solutions can also be placed on external blockchains. Also, the project team plans to create mobile applications, thanks to which it will be possible to make not only fast transactions but also to get ease of use. The same security step will be to block double access because the nodes will be distributed in so-called virtual containers. In addition, protective systems such as SeLinux will be used, which will give the greatest security. To implement the Multiversum project, leading experts from various industries have been gathered. The team includes highly professional people, each of them has extensive experience, which guarantees the success of the project and ensure its development.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale : from May 1 to June 10

Symbol: MTV

Token type : ERC20

The price per token: 1 MTV = 1.00 USD

Total tokens: 141,000,000 MTV

Tokens for sale: 107,000,000 MTV

Identification: Required

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