Nebula AI

Overview of the project  Nebula AI  – blockchain  which is integrated with artificial intelligence.

The project team sets itself the task of integrating blockchain into artificial intelligence. This allows anyone to access computing power from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. This, in turn, will contribute to the development of technology which has a huge potential in the application in various spheres of human activity.

Artificial intelligence and blockchain

Thanks to the use of blockchain, it is possible to guarantee the security of data transmission, the technology itself guarantees protection against any kind of forgery and falsification in this its huge advantage. This useful feature can be combined with artificial intelligence, which has been actively developing on a global scale in recent years.

Research and development in the field of artificial intelligence look very promising and promises great discoveries and improvements in all areas of human activity. Huge amounts of money are spent annually on various developments in the field of artificial intelligence by giants like Google and Amazon.They have achieved some success in this sector in recent years. No one will dispute the importance of artificial intelligence to improve the quality of human life. For example,the use of artificial intelligence in medicine will make a huge breakthrough in the treatment of chronic diseases, the most accurate diagnosis. It is possible that will help in the treatment of serious diseases and diseases that are considered incurable. There are some barriers that have stood in front of artificial intelligence, preventing its rapid development. One of them is the need for large CPU and GPU computing power. This is a big barrier for various laboratories that are working on artificial intelligence, not all of them can get the required capacity, it usually requires a large amount of funding and often they do not get it, as people often work on a task that has already been solved by other people on the other side of the earth.

Project Nebula AI

Blockchain Nebula AI is a new generation blockchain designed to solve problems related to computing power necessary to work in the field of artificial intelligence, the problem of interaction and exchange of information of people working on one task, but located in different parts of the earth. Let them in an integrated manner to provide the inter-regional linking of resources on a decentralized basis.

Nebula AI is committed to the creation of decentralized computing artificial intelligence, a decentralized network will provide high speed that will allow access to computing power from remote regions. Thanks to this, not only industry giants such as Google and Amazon, but also other small companies will participate in the development. The NBA ecosystem will consist of two main components and a system one. NBA will contribute to the development of operation by joint laboratories of artificial intelligence and engineering centers.

For the implementation of such a large-scale project, which will unite the blockchain and artificial intelligence, there is certainly a need for specialists who could implement it. Nebula AI project attracted the best specialists who will be engaged in its implementation. Gathered people with extensive experience in both the blockchain and artificial intelligence, starting from this we can expect that the project will be successful and in demand.


Since the developments in the field of artificial intelligence require large capacities, it is certainly associated with high energy consumption, therefore, the project team decided to cooperate with the leading data centers in the city of Quebec.In this city there are data centers of the world’s largest corporations such as Nokia, Amazon,IBM and others. The choice fell on this city because of the low cost of electricity and cold climate. The project aims to be an independent ecosystem management body.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale : From 2 April to 20 April


Token type : ERC20

The price per token: 1 NBAI = 0.0039 USD 

Total tokens: 6,700,000,000

Identification: Required

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