ICO NITRO – 1st Platform for Gamers in Video Game Industry.

NITRONitro invest in gaming industry which is one of the most lucrative or attractive business. Computer gaming have been gaining momentum in recent time. The best thing to invest in this business and the point on which one can easily invest and consider it secure investment is that is not related to a specific age group, people of every age group play games on their computers, laptops and mobiles as well, which is the reason this business is flourishing day by day.

Increasing mobile and PCs technology also increase or enhance the formation or development of new games, every day multiple games get enters in app store and millions of people play those games.

NITRO offer a Platform for Game Lovers all over the world


Nox is trying to seek this problem out by creating some more oppurtunities for lay man to invest in this field but how? They are trying to develop a forum to invite all parties related to this field on their forum where all share their experiences, their ideas, new market gaps, new opportunities for newbie people.

All parties including developers, media, marketing, graphic designers, sound department so they all get connect with one another as well as with lay man to share their thoughts which will increase diversity in this field and hence whole industry will generate more profits out of it.

They are creating tokens to manage all this system. They will offer token to participants in exchange of their ideas and by developing more interesting niche to create diversity in this field. They will invest money in creating games with the investment in Nox token and profits will be distributed all related members, some of the profits will be delivered in a form of tokens, some profits will be invested again in this field to enhance their qualities, some of the profits will be invested in a forum to make the forum more easy to understand.

Benefits for Gamers

Playing games is no more a leisure activity with ‘Nitro’ people can simultaneously invest in the games they love and get incentives for participating and hence enabling gamers to participate in the ‘video-game economy’. The video game business approximately yields 110 billion dollars per annum which is largely controlled by oligopolistic large corporate actors and the entry level developers rarely receive the necessary funding; “Nitro” bridges this gap by enabling users to vote for their favorite games and thus contributing in the direct funding of their favorite games.

By buying the Nitro’s cryptocurrency called “NOX” gamers can directly participate in the video game economy and can use it for in game purchases and for receiving rewards proportional to their investment.

Nitro platform

Robust Nitro Mobile App

In short this forum will give advantage to all the members related to this field. The more the people will come to this forum more the brains will be used to increase diversity in this field, which will help in creating more interesting and attractive video games which will definitely increase diversity will get some more audience to play games and will increase the profits to large extent and will give more benefits to industry.

Mobile apps and android games already increased the profits very much and become a reason of the latest growth of industry in last five years, hope this forum will also give the same jack to this industry.

Grab your stake in Nitro INVESTMENT

According to estimate around 54% of profit through this gaming field move in the pockets of 10 big companies who are actually running the whole business. It’s nearly impossible for lay men to invest properly because of many reasons like geographical boundaries limitations, no access to their financial structure, companies or brands running gaming studios do not help you out much and common men left this business.


Nitro is actually trying to help such people and motivate such common people to invest in it and generate some money for themselves in the exchange of nitro token. This easy way to invest in this field will motivate many people to invest and earn through it and it will be a advantage to many people who are facing problems in earning a handsome livelihood, so we can also say they are actually creating some opportunities for common people. It will also help industry in a way they are going to create a platform which will connect financers, audio companies, graphic designers, developers and publishers.

They will give you money or will finance you in making a game and they will give profits to all the chain including publishers and developers etc.

Nitro is the world’s first venture that tokenizes games and is also the first cryptocurrency to be backed by a public licensed company “iCandy”. The idea will help to develop an ecosystem with active participation from gamers and potential investor and strengthening the small developer thus in turn empowering the whole ecosystem by promoting the growth of the industry as a whole.

How does is work and what makes it big?

‘Nitro’ is the only blockchain based cryptocurrency that is backed by a public listed company called iCandy which already has a marketplace with over 348 million gamers on board. The challenges that the gaming industry faces is the monopoly of a few companies that nearly control 75% of the current profit and the promising studios rarely get the necessary funding needed to develop new games.

Video game industry makes 9 times as much money as Hollywood which is indiscriminately distributed amongst few big cooperates and hence ‘Nitro’ aims to democratize the video game economy and integrating all the stakeholders of the industry onto one single platform.

Backed by a public listed company ‘Nitro’ is extremely safe and secure to put your money on. With over 348 million existing users and other also collaborating with this extravagant venture it is definitely going to become the biggest marketplace online for gaming in future hence reducing the ‘publishing cost’ by easy connectivity to such humongous audience which in turn solves another crucial problem of the gaming industry. 

Nitro platform dynamics

The elements and the process stream of exercises completed on the stage are abridged underneath:

  • Issuance: Nitro will issue NOX: A blockchain-based token that is the centerpiece of Nitro exercises, to be utilized on the Nitro stage.
  • Curation: A board of industry specialists will clergyman Promising Game Studios (PGS) and submit computer game financing recommendations to the Nitro stage.
  • Voting: NOX holders can vote on their most loved recreations, and if adequate votes are gotten, the proposed computer game will experience a subsidizing process.
  • Prizes: NOX holders can get rewards (as NOX) for taking an interest in exercises in Nitro Marketplace, for example, introducing recreations, auditing recreations or partaking in amusement competitions on the web.
  • Financing: Funding will be gotten in Fiat cash or Ether, which would be utilized by the computer game studios to create and showcase their recreations. This financing will be given by Nitro.
  • Post-Funding: 60% of the income share got by Nitro in NOX will be bought on trades and changed over into BTC/ETH/Fiat to support new diversions. Nitro has the privilege to adjust the assignment of assets by spending to 40% of the income share for promoting and operational expenses and additionally for remunerating NOX holders. Utilizing this plan, Nitro produces the measure of Crypto/Fiat money all the while, hence supporting the development of interest of NOX.
  • Interchangeable to In-Game Sub-token: Upon propelling of the Nitro commercial center, NOX holders will have the capacity to trade NOX for sub-token called Nitro Dollar or NOD which is pegged to US Dollar (1 NOD to 1 USD), NOD will be utilized for in-diversion credits and things. Every one of the amusements on Nitro Commercial center will utilize NOD as an in-diversion cash. NOX holders get a 10% rebate when buying NOD utilizing NOX.

Project Roadmap


  • Crowdsale


  • Game funding platform beta
  • Game funding platform launch
  • Nitro Marketplace Test – feedback & community functions ready
  • Marketplace Alpha – pre-launch cycle ready
  • Marketplace Beta – launch cycle ready
  • Marketplace Live


  • Marketplace Network Beta
  • Marketplace Network Live

Token Sale

  • Token: Nitro
  • Abbreviation: NOX
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH
  • Date Crowdsale: 01 December to 26 December 2017
  • Crowdsale Rate: 1 ETH to 800 NOX (equivalent to BTC)
  • Currency received in Crowdsale: Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC)

Details Information

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