Project overview Organicco – a decentralized platform to save the environment.

The Organicco platform is being created to create new technological solutions that will have a positive impact on the ecology of the planet and will help to reduce harmful emissions and reduce harm to the environment. Technologies will be created to allow the use of auxiliary products and organic waste from agriculture.

Problems of industrial waste

To date, particularly acute are the problems of industrial waste, which worsen the state of the environment of our planet, and this problem is becoming more difficult every year and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Existing technology does not allow enough quality to produce utilization of waste and their further processing. In our time, in agriculture are very dangerous pesticides that are very bad for the soil. To solve this problem, it is necessary to use organic waste, which, if properly processed, can be used as fertilizer, which will allow to abandon the use of pesticides dangerous for the soil. the project team of Organicco decided to contribute to the elimination of the problem of dangerous pesticides and to assist in the development of new technologies that will help to protect the environment.

The Project Organicco

Organicco aims to create a platform that will contribute to the creation of new technologies that will allow to grow food in a safe and environmentally friendly way. New technologies will use biological waste and renewable energy sources, which will have the most beneficial effect not only on the quality of the grown products but also on the condition of the soil on which they are grown and the environment in General. Companies that are currently engaged in the processing of organic waste need new technological solutions that will allow them to significantly improve the efficiency of work. The project team Organicco strive to contribute to the development of innovative technologies that can change for the better environmental situation. Eco-friendly technological solutions called ecoHERO and ecoDRYER which produce animal feed and organic fertilizer by their biological waste will receive investments from Organicco , this will allow them to develop new technologies aimed at creating environmentally friendly products and reducing the harmful effects on the environment. Also, investments will create renewable energy sources and fuel from renewable sources, the use of which does not pollute the environment in contrast to non-renewable sources.

Platform easiPAYER 

Part of the proceeds during the ICO will be directed to the creation of an easyPAYER payment platform that will work on the blockchain. The project team Organico creates easyPAYER payment platform to provide good conditions for commercial payments which will be fast and reliable, as well as completely safe and transparent that will be possible thanks to the use of blockchain. The easyPAYER platform will also be fully protected from fraud through the use of smart contracts, which have shown their effectiveness and benefit in other projects. Create easiPAYER will promote investment in the industry and will allow you to make international transfers. easiPAYER will appeal a very small transaction fee which will make it even more attractive.

Project team

On creation of the platform Organicco has a team of professionals having high qualification and great experience. The team has set itself a very ambitious goal to create a platform that will contribute to the development of industries that affect the environmental condition of our planet. The creation of the Organicco platform should have the most favorable impact on the environment and contribute to the effective use of natural resources and the preservation of the environment for future generations. A strong and highly qualified team is the most important in any project, and directly affects its success and relevance and further development.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale: June 6-September 30

Symbol :ORC

Type of tokens : ERC20

Price per token: 1 ORC = 0.50 GBP

Price per token

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