Payperblock project overview – a new era of freelancing.

The Payperblock project team has set itself the task of creating a transparent platform for freelancers using blockchain technology. The platform will operate a fair system of incentives for freelancers which can be effective due to the very low Commission of the Payperblock platform itself. This will make the Payperblock platform popular among freelancers and allow it to develop quickly.

Payperblock platform

Work on the platform will be the most convenient for both customers and freelancers. Customers will need to register on the platform, after which you will be able to choose among freelancers whom you entrust the performance of your work. Compared with other platforms Payperblock will have a lot of advantages among which are very low Commission of the platform itself which will not exceed 1%. This will be beneficial for both freelancers and customers for whom costs will be reduced to a minimum. It is also not unimportant that the work of the platform will be completely transparent. The customer will be able to monitor the implementation of his order at all its stages, which will allow him to control the process and help in resolving possible disputes between the freelancer and the customer. In addition, the platform Payperblock can guarantee financial security to both parties. After the conclusion of the transaction between the customer and the freelancer, the agreed amount for the execution of the order will be debited from the customer’s account and frozen and transferred to the freelancer only after he completes his work.

For the functioning of the platform,  PAYB token will be introduced into the Payperblock ecosystem, which will provide a lot of amenities for both customers and freelancers. The token will be developed on the basis of Ethereum and will be ERC 20 standard.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale: September 10-September 30

Price per token: 1 PayB = 0.005 USD

Обозначение токена : PayB

Type of tokens: ERC20

Tokens for sale: 4,000,000,000 PayB

Identification: required 

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