PayPro – Crypto Wallet and Decentralized Marketfplace of dApps.

ICO PAYPROHave you ever thought that our daily activities are undergoing a transition? Lots of services that adopt blockchain technology. Communities seek solutions to the breakdown of systems used by traditional services.

There are so many parties who take personal advantage in a gross manner without regard to the interests of others in some traditionalized service mechanism (centralized). And the popularity of cryptocurrency makes the developers become more stable to implement blockchain technology to create a decentralized service. Some services such as health, education, commerce, data verification, data distribution, banking, digital wallet and many more have left traditional systems to switch to decentralized systems.

Introducing PayPro

PayPro is a decentralized bank that allows for new ecosystems that have benefits to be put forward on Smart Contracts. The point is, PayPro is a financial marketplace where all dApps (decentralized Apps) can post their services on a platform. On the other hand, PayPro is also creating a wallet to be developed to store cryptocurrency and all the ERC-20 tokens.

Once PayPro is set up 100%, then users will be able to store ETH, BTC, GAS and other cryptocurrencies as well as users can also use the available marketplace to invest at the time of fundraising. Additionally, all shares or the resultant stake of the investment will be deposited on the PayPro application, so the crypto asset will be secured by the platform.

Some conditions that must be met for a dApps to be listed on the PayPro platform include applications must be open-sourced, and most tokens can not be controlled by a particular entity, the token issued must have value for the corresponding service, there is a reward program for contributors, and most importantly the platform must be Blockhain-based, so it should be completely decentralized. These requirements, aimed at security and comfort of investment by reducing risk.

Products from PayPro

Because PayPro will have two main services that store cryptocurrency and also form a marketplace, then there will be mandatory products that must be completed premises sequence, ie


Wallet is very important to be the preferred product in its completion. With PayPro’s wallet service, users will be able to store more than 100 types of cryptocurrency in one wallet, including PayPro Token. PayPro Token holders will be facilitated in exchange with other cryptocurrencies in the easiest way. Wallet that is being developed, now can be downloaded in the App Store but, this new basic concept only and new can save BTC. For further significant developments will be made after the ICO period is completed. That is around Q1 of 2018.


Marketplace will be available around July 2019. All PayPro Token holders (PYP) will be able to purchase the services offered by dApps and can also contribute to investing in crowdfunding events. All transactions that occur in the marketplace will fully use Smart Contract. A service from Ethereum is highly reliable for a variety of secure transactions. Smart Contract can be considered as an independent Escrow, which can not be influenced by any subject. Smart Contract will receive fund from buyer or investor, then will forward it to the seller or platform developer who hold crowdfunding if all the requirements written on Smart Contract.


PayPro Token or PYP will be the main currency on the PayPro platform which can be used to transact on the marketplace. All services available on the PayPro platform will be easily purchased or used using Token PYP. To get this token, you can either contribute or purchase a PYP token at Token Sale event.

  • PayPro Token Name
  • PYP symbol
  • The pre-sale period is January 8 to January 15, 2017
  • Pre-sale term Investment min 15 ET
  • Bonus pre-sale bonus up 35%
  • Main Sales period January 15 – January 31
  • The main sales term Investment min 0,5 ET
  • Major sales bonus 1 24 hours 20%
  • First week 15%
  • Second week 10%
  • Exchange rate 1 ETH: 500 PYP
  • 20,000 ETH limit (Hard Cap) or EUR 5,000,000.00
  • depending on the exchange rate.
  • Currency received only for ETH
  • Beneficiary Token for economic decisions & rights.

Token Creation

The ERC20 standard is used for all Tokens made in Ethereal. 20,000 ETH will be placed and 40% of all PayPro Token will be issued in the initial sale. Smart Contracts are set so that PayPro Token shipments can happen automatically right after ETH is received. Token allocation is as follows:

  • 5% will be distributed to the community from time to time in return
    for R & D and bounties.
  • 15% is allocated to initial investors & supporters and future partnerships.
  • 20% reserved for the current and most important team, the future
    team motivation package.
  • 20% final will be held by PayPro, under community supervision, to achieve future sustainability through the distribution of network revenue.

Delivery of PayPro Token (PYP) from Smart Contract will occur as soon as the ETH is sent.

Rodmap 2017-2018




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