Project SHIVOM

Project SHIVOM overview – the world’s largest blockchain storage of digital genome.

Shivom is created as a product that will be in demand in medicine in the near future. At the heart of the project idea is to care for the future of health care where there will be a deeper understanding of accurate medicine and its development, where scientific knowledge is based on evidence of public health. By integrating some of the data in the blockchain ecosystem and the future use of health services.

What is Project Shivom ?

Shivom is the blockchain ecosystem which is using the latest artificial intelligence technology will provide in-depth academic development will be able to detect biomarkers and to assess the probability of risk of disease, will work to prevent them. It will facilitate the treatment of thousands of rare diseases around the world and thus facilitate human life. The health services platform will work for the benefit of all people on earth. To do this, Shivom is going to collect clinical data from patients from all over the world to assess the genome in healthy and sick people. Research issues with genetic technology, so the exchange and collection of data will be carried out to raise the health system to a whole new level.

At the moment, data on genetics are not stored centrally and this greatly hinders the development of health care, medicines can not be fully studied, it is not possible to estimate reliably how well they cope with various diseases. There is evidence that 9 out of 10 medicinal preparation are not fully suitable for people who are discharged, thereby reducing the effectiveness of treatment and increase the risks of harm to the person

The benefits of medicine from Shivom.

It is expected that in the future Shivom will dominate everything related to the prevention and treatment of various diseases. Of course genomic medicine is a very important element of medicine without which it is impossible to fully effectively produce the treatment of people, using it in combination with artificial intelligence can achieve a significant breakthrough in medicine, it is possible to create for each person separate conjugate risks between genetic predisposition and various diseases that he could risk Contracting. Shivom aims to collaborate with various medical institutions and national governments to improve global health and ultimately improve the quality of human life.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale : From April 16 to May 16

Symbol: OMIX

Token type : ERC20

The price per token: 1 OMIX = 0.0568 USD

Total tokens: 3,000,000,000 OMIX 

Identification: Required

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