RedCab project overview – global transport platform.

RedCab is a platform on the blockchain that is decentralized and works on smart contracts, which makes it transparent and protected from fraud. Thanks to RedCab, you will be able to pay for trips using tokens in a mobile application that can be installed on your phone. The application will automatically calculate the cost of the trip.

RedCab Platform

In the transportation market, there are various companies that conceive take a high fee for the trip as well as dictate their conditions in the transportation market and affect the cost of travel so that they take a high percentage of the drivers that significantly increases the cost of the trip. Very often taxi drivers get less money than earned, the team of the project RedCab decided that it is not fair and offers a solution that will not only allow passengers to pay less for the trip but also help drivers to earn more due to the fact that between them there will be no longer a mediator.

There will be a mobile application for both drivers and passengers through which mutual settlements will be carried out. The application itself will calculate the cost of the trip, but unlike applications from large carriers, will not be charged huge interest from the driver and, accordingly, tariffs for transportation will decrease. The application will be easy to use and thanks to the use of smart contracts its work will be completely transparent. Drivers and passengers should appreciate the advantages RedCab has over its competitors. The platform will be implemented a large number of innovations and bonus systems for drivers and passengers, so you can find out the level of driver driving. Drivers with a high level of driving will receive additional tokens. Through the use of their Own redcab tokens, drivers and passengers will have a large number of benefits. It is also expected that with the development of the platform, the price of RedCab tokens will grow, due to this, their holders will be able to receive additional profits.

Project team

The project has an excellent team that has set itself the task to create a truly useful and popular platform that will serve the benefit of both drivers and passengers. Also, investors of the project will be able to get profit, who can take part in the ICO of the project.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Selling tokens : from 1 June to 15 August

Symbol: REDC

Type of tokens : ERC20

Price per token: 1 ETH = 2,333 REDC

Tokens for sale: 62,000,000 REDC

Identification: required 

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