Review of the Rego – platform property on the blockchain.

The Rego platform will be a platform for real estate transactions that will work on the blockchain, which will allow for the purchase, sale and lease of real estate more efficiently, reducing a variety of costs. Thanks to blockchain, it will be possible to build a platform that will satisfy the interests of all parties in the real estate market.

Estate sphere

The real estate market exists for a long time, but nevertheless it can not be said that it works perfectly, for a long time the existence of the sphere of sale and purchase of real estate has accumulated a lot of difficulties that can not solve existing platforms. Investments in real estate are considered profitable for investors as the price of real estate often increases than decreases. But often buyers are faced with the fact that the property prices are too high, or there is no complete information about a particular property or it is completely distorted that puts the buyer at a disadvantage. The seller may also be at a disadvantage if offers for his property are below market. Nevertheless, investors from different countries want to invest in real estate, and without restrictions on the location of real estate to distribute their risks. On the chart you can see the investment in real estate in different countries.

Rego Platform

For the solution of various problems in the real estate market and the development of the scope of buying and selling real estate creates a platform Rego which will be the first platform that can work on the blockchain, through which all buyers and sellers of real estate can take advantage of the benefits offered by the blockchain, such as high speed operations security and transparency of transactions. The Rego platform will revolutionize real estate trading and allow all market participants to make their work more efficient and secure. The currently existing methods of buying real estate are associated with banks that take high interest on transactions, thereby increasing the costs of real estate market participants. Due to the use of the blockchain on the Rego platform, there will be no need for intermediaries, all transactions between the buyer and the seller will be recorded in the blockchain. This will not only reduce costs, but also reliably protect it from possible fraud and fraud in trading operations.

On Rego platform for the convenience of users will work as a web and mobile application that will simplify the work on the platform for users and make it more convenient. The platform will use Ethereum smart contracts, which are already actively used on other platforms and have proven themselves well. Investors from all over the world will open all real estate markets, they will be able to make quick and secure transactions thanks to smart contracts. Payments on the platform can be made both in Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, among which are, of course, REGO tokens. Thanks to REGO tokens, it will be possible to perform various operations on the platform. In total, the project team will issue 55 million REGO tokens. Each REGO token will cost from 0.000625 ETH depending on the stage of purchase. The token sale will Fund the full development, marketing and creation and implementation of the REGO platform. The sale will be open from April 26, 2018 and will last until July 31, 2018. On creating the project employs a team of experienced and ambitious professionals to whom the task is to create a platform that will be successful. The project team is actively engaged in the development and works according to the road map which is presented on their website. Due to the fact that a good team is working on the project, you can say that investors will get a good profit, and you can invest by clicking on the link.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Selling tokens :  26 April -31 July


Type of tokens : ERC20

Price per token: 1 REGO = 0.000625 ETH

Tokens for sale: 39,600,000 REGO

Identification: required 

Project resources

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