Overview ICO Repus is a platform for trading data.

Repux will be used to collect and store various data. Due to the fact that the platform is built on the blockchain will guarantee the safety and transparency of operations with it. Repux will connect all users, without the need for intermediaries. Monetization of data will undoubtedly lead to profit for both companies and individuals.

The problem of working with data

All companies, regardless of whether they are large or not, rely on different information that gives them more about their target audience, the characteristics of different niches and the specifics of different markets and segments. But the problem is that often these data are not so easy to collect and they have to look at different sources. Moreover, large companies, industry giants have an advantage over the others due to the fact that they have more resources to obtain the necessary information. Agree to companies like Google or Amazon easier to collect information than small or medium-sized companies. Give access to the necessary data for different companies – this task is set by the team Rapux.

The decision from Repux

Repux for data exchange proposes to use a platform for data collection, to use a platform that will store various information that is so necessary for different companies centrally.That is, it will be possible to get at once all the necessary information as a whole, and not to collect pieces at different sites, which makes life easier for companies.

Repux will allow data owners to monetize them. On the platform, they will be able to offer them to interested companies, which are expected to be quite a few. Due to the fact that the platform will store a huge array of valuable data will grow and the number of companies in demand in them. System will be created with high bandwidth, will be built safe infrastructure transaction token Repux.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale : From 6 MAR – 5 APR

Symbol: REPUX

Token type : ERC20

The price per token: 1 REPUX = 0.20 USD

Total tokens : 500,000,000 REPUX

Identification: Required

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