Overview of the Saifu project – financial platform that supports both Fiat and cryptocurrency accounts.

The Saifu platform will allow you to carry out various operations with both cryptocurrencies and fiat money. Users of the platform will be able to exchange, store and cash both cryptocurrencies and fiat money. The platform will increase the level of service to a whole new level of convenience and security for its users.

Saifu Platform

Saifu team creates a completely new platform, the first platform on which will be able to use with all the amenities as fiat money and cryptocurrencies. The main point of view of the experts is the legal aspect and of course the security of the platform. To ensure the safety will be used the most modern technologies that have already proven themselves. But the use of the service should be convenient and extremely clear to people who have never used cryptocurrencies and are not familiar with blockchain. Unlike other cryptocurrency services, Saifu will have a banking license to operate, which will give undeniable advantages when choosing for people for whom the legal aspect is very important. At the moment, cryptocurrencies do not have a certain status in most countries, and many people treat them with distrust and caution, the Saifu project will have a banking license, thereby triggering the trust of people who are used to using only banking products, and only recently came to the cryptocurrency market.

The team has already done a lot of work, among the successes it is possible to note the license to carry out financial activities, which is issued by the Czech Bank. In addition, an agreement was reached with Thales, which is a recognized market leader in the protection and security of transactions. And connecting the platform to the SWIFT system now allows you to use Visa and Mastercard payment cards. A multi-level security system is provided that will ensure the safety of Saifu customers at the highest level. All activities of the platform will be completely legal and regulated by financial institutions, and the service will be easy to use and will not need any special knowledge to use it. This is a great advantage because most people find it difficult to deal with cryptocurrencies because they have to install different wallets, constantly transfer their cryptocurrencies from one exchange to another, these and many other factors make many people refuse to use cryptocurrencies. Together with Saifu they will be able to adapt and use cryptocurrencies and Fiat money without restrictions and difficulties. Saifu tokens will be introduced to the platform, which will be useful to Their owners and will give additional advantages and convenience on the platform.

The use of tokens Saifu

Payments for individuals and companies

Exchange procedures between fiat money and cryptocurrencies

Payment of platform commissions

Service cards Saifu and payment of the fee for the service

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Selling tokens : C 19 Feb to 30 April

Symbols: SFU

Token type : ERC20

The price per token: 1 SFU = 0.81 USD 

Total tokens: 100,000,000 SFU

Identification: Required

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