Project overview Seal – check every product for authenticity by using the blockchain.

Thanks to the Seal platform and an application that can be downloaded to your smartphone, you can easily identify which product, any brand is genuine or fake in front of you. Seal will guard not only buyers who risk to buy a low-quality product, but also manufacturers protecting their intellectual property rights.

The problem of counterfeit products

The volume of counterfeit products worldwide amounts to about 1 trillion US dollars, a truly huge amount that reflects how much the scope of counterfeit products harm the user who buy fakes. All the world companies that produce different products do not count 1 trillion dollars. Thus, part of the costs that get campaigns around the world to lay down on ordinary buyers as companies need to compensate for losses due to counterfeit products and prices of goods so images are increased, which is not very good for the buyer.

Seal Platform

The platform is going to solve the problem with counterfeit products thanks to blockchain and already familiar to users of NFC smartphones. Thus, the platform will be able to protect customers from counterfeiting , because the authenticity of the product will be very simple, it will only need a smartphone with a Seal application installed.

The user will need to scan the code on the product and the rest will do Seal, so to verify the authenticity of the product will be very easy and everyone can do it. Simplicity and ease of use is what the project team wants to achieve, but not forgetting about reliability. Authentication will be performed using blockchain. Seal technology is the use of NFC chips that integrate the product with its digital number on the blockchain.

Seal aims to protect the interests of both buyers and producers of the product. For realization of such large-scale project the team which consists of very skilled experts who have opvt works in such companies as Nokia ,Microsoft, Dell gathered. The team is actively involved in various blockchain conferences. A good team acts as a guarantor of the demand for the product and its high quality.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale : from April 1 to May 12

Symbol: SEAL

Token type : ERC20

The price per token: 1 SEAL = 0.08 USD

Tokens for sale: 492,000,000 SEAL

Minimum investment : 1 ETH

Identification: Required

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