Smart Valley

Smart Valley project overview – decentralized investment community.

The Smart Valley platform will bring together investors and experts who will be provided with various projects. Thus, the three main participants of the sphere will be United together and will contribute to the creation of new technologies and popular products. Smart Valley will become both an export platform and a fund-raising tool for ICO.

Smart Valley Platform

The sphere of blockchain and cryptocurrency is actively developing and more and more people come to it, both investors and people with good ideas for the use of blockchain in a particular sphere of human activity. But investors and startups face big problems , the first is difficult to choose a suitable project for investment and the second may not collect enough for the implementation of their project money, even if they offer to invest a very good project. Investors may lose their money if they invest in a project that is not good enough. There are a lot of offers for investments in the market, but it is very difficult to understand them and find good investors without experts, while good projects may not receive funding for one reason or another. To solve these and other problems created Smart Valley which will be combined as investors and experts and interesting projects. Smart Valley platform will be an ideal solution for market participants, it will provide a set of three tools such as a transaction mechanism , a tool for fundraising and expert evaluation of projects. This set of tools will be a good solution for all parties, some will receive funding for their projects, the second will be able to invest in good projects and experts will also benefit from the selection of good projects for investors.

Smart Valley platform will be the best choice for all ICO participants and will give them a lot of convenience and benefits. The platform will have its own scoring system, through which the best projects will be selected. Just as important is the absence of fraud risk, Smart Valley platform will exclude this possibility. All investments within the ecosystem will not be subject to the Commission.The information on the platform will be honest and transparent for all participants. For the implementation of the activities of the platform, Smart Valley will be created token SVT which will function in the ecosystem. SVT token can also be traded on the exchange which will be built into the platform. SVT tokens will also pay for the services of leading experts who will work on the platform and evaluate various projects. They will make a detailed analysis of each project and based on their analysis, investors will make decisions about investing money in the project. Experts will work with projects around the world and select the best that will receive funding.

To implement the project, a team of young and experienced professionals who work on the Smart Valley platform, are working to create a convenient and popular platform for various community members. Many team members have extensive experience that will ensure the success of the Smart Valley platform.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Selling tokens : from 30 March to 4 May

Symbol: SVT

Token type : ERC20

The price per token: 1 SVT = 0.1 USD

Tokens for sale: 408,000,000 SVT

Identification: Required

Project resources

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Whitepaper –


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