StopTheFakes project overview –  service for elimination of counterfeit goods and intellectual property rights violations.

The service will allow you to detect counterfeit products of different brands, it does not matter whether it is sneakers or electronic devices. Thanks to StopTheFakes bought will not be able to worry about the quality of the goods they buy, the producers of the same service will be able to increase the potential profit due to the fact that there will be a struggle with those who violate the property right.

Platform StopTheFakes

A decentralized service is being created that will be able to detect and help eliminate counterfeit products and combat the violation of the property rights of companies and individuals.All this will be possible thanks to the introduction of blockchain, the platform will operate on the Ethereum platform, working on smart contracts. In addition, it will create its own token which will be a means of mutual settlements within the service. Tokens will be created only for payment within the platform. With StopTheFakes will be able to eliminate counterfeit and intellectual property violations. It is known that corporations all over the world bear huge losses, not only financial but also reputation, as the buyer who got a fake product of the company can form a bad opinion about them and in the future abandon the products of this company, unaware that they are faced with counterfeit. For companies will become a platform that will save them from the problems associated with the forgery of their products.


As you can see the countries bear huge losses, the fight against counterfeit products today is very relevant, for the decision of which took a team of experienced professionals, who have vast experience behind their backs and who will be able to make working for the benefit of both ordinary buyers and global corporations, the team hopes that all will be satisfied with the product except for manufacturers of counterfeit.

The advantages offered by StopTheFakes

With StopTheFakes you will be able to detect and eliminate counterfeit and intellectual property rights violations. By taking a photo or video of the violation you will be rewarded.

Thanks to Blockchain technology, the platform will be implemented using a license and open source. The service has its own token, which is a payment method within its ecosystem.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale :From 21 March to 21 April

Symbol: STFcoin

Token type : ERC20

The price per token: STFcoin = 0.0004 ETH

Tokens for sale: 20,271,000 STFcoin

Identification: Required

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