ICO Storiqa – blockchain-based marketplace, opening global market for small businesses.

ICO StoriqaStoriqa is the platform that unites customers and buyers all over the world. With the help of a simple tool to develop an online store, every seller will be able to clear an own store to sell any types of goods, using a wide range of the platform functions on a reasonable price.

Storiqa unites all the tools that are important to launch the sales and promote products on markets of different countries. This is significant not only for newly established companies and businesses, but for offline stores as well. A user-friendly platform allows creating online stores and managing them without attracting additional stuff and paying extra money.

One of the main features of Storiqa is the use of blockchain technology, which makes the platform accessible and absolutely safe for both parties of transactions, reducing transaction costs, investing in business performance and simplifying the purchasing process.

Storiqa unites all the tools

The key benefits of Storiqa

  1. The unique goods from all over the world on Storiqa for cryptocurrencies and STQ tokens: Buy millions of real goods for cryptocurrencies and STQ tokens getting the best exchange rate and maintaining operations with fiat money.
  2. Placing the goods on the platform and paying for all the services of Storiqa in STQ tokens: Pay in STQ tokens for including goods into a catalog and using professional marketing tools. Pay with the tokens for localization, descriptions and photos of goods which are to be made by participants of a community.
  3. 8+ ready for use effective tools for successful sales, business analytics and work with customers at an international level
  4. Honest responses: Smart contract seals the interaction between the buyer and the seller, so this is the reason why only a person who made a purchase can leave a comment about the product.
  5. A safe bargain through smart contract: While transferring money the buyer can be sure that the sum will be received on the seller’s account only if the shipment reached its intended destination.
  6. Guaranteed quality: We take responsibility for quality management and guarantee that the seller makes a shipment according to a product card and a given description to the buyer.
  7. Protecting the buyer’s interests and arbitrating by Storiqa: In case the product was damaged by carrier in the process of transportation the buyer can apply for arbitration to Storiqa, and after consideration of the application we will give a full or partial refund of the product cost.

About Token sale and distribution

To participate in the procedure of the main ICO Storiqa platform, you should purchase a minimum amount tokens on the value of 0,01 ETH. When you purchase more than 200 ETH, you get a 2% bonus; the maximum amount of bonus is 20%, when purchasing tokens on the value of 5000 ETH.

  • Token symbol: STQ.
  • ICO will start at 00:00 UTC on 25 October, 2017, and go on till 21:00 UTC December 25, 2017.
  • 1 STQ = 0.0001 ETH.
  • Soft Cap is 30 000 ETH and the Hard Cap is set at 90 000 eth. Total supply of tokens will not exceed the Hard Cap.

Distribution STQ tokens

  • 60% is distributed through the ICO.
  • 15% of emission is reserved for the team and partners,
  • 10% for development fund,
  • 10% for early-bird investors,
  • 3% for bounty rewards and 2% for advisory board.

Links to Storiqa

Storiqa video presentation