Overview of  ICO  STREAMITY  –  decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform.

In recent years, the sector of the Internet economy has grown considerably, and with it the use of online payments has grown.

To date, the most modern and promising methods of online payments are cryptocurrencies, digital units that appear and take root more in the life of a person of the 21st century.

We can’t influence the banks, the courts and even the whole country. No one can cancel operations, but it is possible, with the consent of both parties, to voluntarily block as collateral, as a result, the cryptocurrency is received after fulfilling the specified conditions.


Cryptocurrencies should be decentralized and beyond the control of any authorities. People should have control over their own money and outside interference in it is unacceptable. The project “Streamity” embodies the idea of a truly honest exchange of cryptocurrency. Streamity is a truly powerful portalit includes a huge range of services that can benefit from the emerging cryptocurrency market. The main thing in Streamate is the ability to use smart contracts to exchange cryptocurrencies for Fiat money without resorting to the help of intermediaries.

Created  “StreamDesk “to protect all members of  crypto market from risks during the exchange,” StreamDesk ”  also allows you to exchange leading cryptocurrencies with each other, with a high degree of efficiency. Exchange rates will be formed as a result of comparing the value of the largest exchanges. As a result, the best price will be obtained from all sides. Honesty will guarantee a smart contract. The main priority for Streamity it’s users and the community that transformed into a desire to contribute to the safety of the community, which can be guaranteed thanks to the smart contracts. Created an honest and safe service which every user to help you avoid scams that broke the crypto market.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale:25.03.2018  –  29.04.2018

Symbol:Streamity token (STM)

Token type: ERC20

The price per token: 0,2 USD за 1 STM

Tokens for sale: 110,200,000 STM

Identification: Required

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