Swiss Alps

Project overview the Swiss Alps – the equipment for safe mining.

Swiss Alps offers the ideal conditions for mining in the Swiss Alps, where you can mine with very low energy costs due to the climatic conditions, this will be used buildings in the Alps where you can place equipment for mining. Mining will be more profitable in terms of electricity consumption and environmentally friendly.

New mining opportunities

In recent years, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have become widespread. People around the world have realized the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrency and are increasingly using them in their daily lives, and it significantly improves people’s lives and contributes to the development of various spheres of human activity. Along with crypto-currencies, mining has also spread on an industrial scale and there are people who are engaged in mining at home. But over time, mining has become more and more difficult due to the decrease in efficiency which contributed to the complexity of mining and high electricity consumption. For mining you need a large amount of electricity and when mining a large amount of heat and equipment for mining have to be cooled, on this basis it is advisable to place equipment for mining in places that are better suited for it from a climatic point of view. The ideal place for this is the Alps in Switzerland, in the Alps there are a large number of empty buildings that according to the law can not be residential but these structures can be used for mining. In this building it is planned to install pre-prepared cubes in which there are components for mining.

Cubes will be protected from external factors, will not need frequent maintenance. Also, due to the low temperature in the Alps cooling of these cubes will not be a problem. Due to the ease of cooling, power consumption will decrease, which will lead to an increase in mining efficiency.

Swiss Alps Platform

The Swiss Alps platform will run on a blockchain and will be decentralized. Users of Swiss Alps will be able to rent cubes for mining crypto-currencies, due to this, the rent of buildings and payment for electricity will be paid. To facilitate the operation of the Swiss Alps platform will be introduced its own token that will facilitate mutual settlements within the platform and the same will be used for various operations. Electricity producers will be able to sell it to customers directly on the platform without involving intermediaries, which will make the price of electricity acceptable. In mining cubes, innovative technologies will be used to increase the efficiency of mining, one of them will be the use of an organic Rankine cycle that allows the use of heat that emits equipment.

ICO Swiss Alps and project team

For the implementation of the planned project team will hold an ICO as a result of which the funds will be used to buy equipment for mining as well as rental of premises for equipment placement. SAM tokens will be available for purchase during the ICO, in the future these tokens will be used on the platform for payment for services and transactions. Also, these tokens can be bought and sold at various crypto-exchanges. It is also worth noting that a team of very serious specialists is working on the creation of the Swiss Alps project. Among them there are specialists in both blockchain and mining. The team sets out to create a platform that will be the perfect solution for mining, and wants to create an environment in which mining will be efficient and environmentally friendly. For investors of this project, there are good prerequisites for success and profit thanks to the increase in the cost of tokens as the project team conceived and the emergence of demand in the project.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale: May 22-July 27

Price per token: 1 SAM = 0.60 USD

Symbol  : SAM

Type of tokens : ERC20

Hard cap: 100,000,000 USD

Identification: required 

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