Project overview ThinkCoin – Peer-2-Peer trading platform.

A platform is created that will use the advantages that the blockchain provides, including security. It will be possible to trade any financial assets around the world. TradeConnect will use a hybrid trading model, in which all trades will be using smart contracts, and will take place in seconds.

Platform TradeConnect and  token ThinkCoin

Today, the financial world is dominated by various banks and large funds that dictate rules for everyone else, which is wrong and creates inconvenience for some and great benefits for others. Thanks to the TradeConnect platform, the trading market should change in a coordinated manner, provide all participants with the same good and honest conditions and provide an opportunity to trade a wide range of financial products that are practically not available on traditional cryptocurrency exchanges. The TradeConnect platform is part of the ThinkMarkets group of companies that has been successfully operating for more than a decade and provides its services in the UK and Australia. ThinkMarkets creates TradeConnect and wants to make It the largest trading network in the world that operates entirely on blockchain.

Trading on the platform

For trading EA platform TradeConnect will use tokens ThinkCoin. Thanks to TradeConnect, which will create the first peer-to-peer trading network, which will be based on several assets at once, all participants will be in the same conditions. At the moment full control belongs to banks and financial institutions. The decentralized platform will bring together individuals, brokers and corporations. Thanks to blockchain, all financial activity will be completely transparent. The TradeConnect network will provide an opportunity to use different commodity economy based on neutral market models. TradeConnect will also allow to refuse services of intermediaries thereby giving the chance to make transactions more effectively at the same time with a high level of safety. Thus, everyone will be able to invest their money in any financial asset without restriction on geographical location. All transactions will take place very quickly and safely, which will be provided through the use of smart contracts.

Advantages Of ThinkCoin

ThinkCoin team creates a high-quality product that will provide very fast transactions. Trades will be registered in smart contracts, which will provide very high security. For higher speed transactions will be processed offline, the platform aims to provide all possible benefits to its users, to provide them with convenient conditions for the implementation of their activities. Thanks ThinkCoin you will receive such benefits as:

Reduced risks of trading processes

Highest speed of operations

Fully transparent trading operations

All network members receive fair and accurate information

Using ThinkCoin, it will trade Forex, commodities, stocks and other financial products in a safe and user-friendly way.

Token TCO

For the implementation of the platform will be used token TCO, which is ERC20 token on the blockchain Ethereum. All the work of the TradeConnect ecosystem will be connected with the TCO token. A total of five hundred million TCO tokens will be issued, most of which are planned to be sold during the ICO. Since the project team seeks to create a platform that will support democratic trade will be used so-called hybrid model that has the advantages and capabilities of both centralized and decentralized trade model. No less important in this case is the presence of a team that includes specialists of the highest level. The project team has set itself very ambitious goals to strive for. The team has both experts in the field of blockchain and specialists with extensive experience in financial institutions, whose work they know very well, as well as know their shortcomings that will be taken into account when creating TradeConnect.

Details of the ICO and selling tokens

Token sale : April 3 to May 25

Symbol: TCO

Token type: ERC20

The price per token: 1 TCO = 0.30 USD

Tokens for sale: 7300,000,000 TCO

Identification: Required

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